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Dear Editor,
We been there and done that and it did not work and it is being looked at  again. I am speaking of reducing the speed limit on US-421 thus slowing traffic between Sumpter Ave.and St. Joseph Street to 25 mph designed to create a slow down in traffic which creates a form of road diet proposed to be discussed in a Council meeting on Oct 14.
When the accident rates show speed was the cause in a number of cases then this may need to be done. Until then, leave the speed limit alone on 421.
Also when your Council closed a portion of Carolina Beach Ave North and gave the land away free of charge to a Hotel developer whose visible action to date was close a portion of Carolina Beach Ave.North, reroute the road and enclose his free portion with a fence.With this mess traffic from Harper down Canal and over to Carolina Beach North creates another slow down in traffic which is also a form of road diet. When can we even expect this Hotel to be built, if no time soon then get our land back and open up the road.
Now the plan is to make Canal from Harper to Cape Fear a one way street resulting in another slow down in traffic which is also a road diet.
Traffic 101 states vehicles moving two ways moves more cars more than a one way street.
How many times and different Council's will our citizens have to go through doing things designed to slow down traffic to learn it doesn't work in small areas as proposed when the traffic counts say traffic needs to speed up not slow down.
All of these 3 projects (slow downs) will make this Council look like Village Idiots come next summer. If this Council really wants to do something constructive for us they can start working on eliminating their Health and Dental Insurance as your Mayor, Mayor Pro-Tem and Councilman Doetsch promised and quit feeding off the public trough. This Insurance has never been given to elected officials by us but forced on us by "greedy" elected officials.
Greedy: Having or showing an intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth or power.
 Last but not least. I once had a good friend - who has since passed - in a casual conversation to me say "D.A. some people live and learn others just go on living and never learn". This fits elected officials at Carolina Beach to a tee.
If we keep them coming and going sooner or later we may elect folks that use good common sense and are willing to serve without feeding at the publics trough.
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC


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