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By / Letters to the Editor / Wednesday, 29 October 2014 04:00

I'm not sure how familiar you are with the Island Greenway project.  It had been under public discussion several years ago.  Originally it was planned behind homes on the east side of the retention pond behind Carolina Sands.  After public comment it was moved to the west side of the pond.  Residents were told of a beautiful Greenway path connecting to a larger bike path and that not a single tree would be cut down.
Recently, without any public announcement or hearings, the path has been moved back behind homes.  It is also going to have a ten foot chain link barbed wire fence and fifty feet clear cut of all vegetation.  Starting on the property lines there will be 10' clear cut, a 10' asphalt path, 20' clear cut, a prison style fence, then 10' feet clear cut.   Many trees and wetland areas will be destroyed.  Home values, which we were told would rise with a bike path, will be negatively affected by the harsh fence- would you want a prison style fence behind your home?  There is already a piece of this fence installed on Croaker Lane.  It is very disturbing.
This is so far from what our island has always been.  Barbed wire is the opposite of safe, residential, family friendly.  Barbed wire communicates danger and threat.  Yes, I live directly on this line.  But before I even knew about the bike path changes I was making calls asking why this frightening fence was installed in our beautiful, safe island.  Neither the town officials nor MOTSU will acknowledge responsibility nor the complete inappropriateness of building that fence near homes.
If a neighbor hadn't happened to be home one day and by chance seen men working behind her home we would have had any idea this was in process.
I believe there should be public awareness and public input in something so intense being build near families.
Dori Steiman Schoonmaker
Carolina Beach, NC


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