Boardwalk Extension Not Required

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Dear Editor,
A while back our County Commissioners granted Carolina Beach,$500,000.00 to fund the now delayed extended 875ft. boardwalk.This money from the County Commissioners was designated to be spent to complete/finish this project which means the last of the last 875ft and not any part of what is being torn down and to be replaced now of our present boardwalk. Now unless the Coastal Resources Commission grants permission for the Town to be able to build the extended 875 unneeded feet what is to happen to this $500,000 dollars? The strings attached to this money by the County Commissioners was clear as to how and when it was to be used when it was granted to the Town. Can the Town use this money for other purposes or do the rules that were attached to this grant still stand that if we do not build and complete this extension will we have to return this money to the Commissioners coffers?
It scares the [heck] out of me to even think that if the County were to give our present Council use of this large amount of county tax money, when our elected officials are talking about spending money they don't have making a one way street connecting Lake park and Canal and having asinine 17.5 ft. wide sidewalks on both sides of Cape Fear East of Lake Park. This crowd just completing a deal to sell for $2.1 million dollars property some of this Council authorized to pay too much for ($4.3 million in 2009.) Granted we need to shed the Town of this property that never should have been bought in the first place on a sketchy deal with the state building a pier. As fact we have held onto this property through bad market conditions and now when tourist area real estate is up your Council votes and sold property Council paid $4.3 million dollars for $2.1 million dollars. We have one commercial real estate broker, one builder, one retiree, one attorney, and one motel owner on Council and a decision to sell property for half what we paid for it don't even make half good sense from folks that are supposed to represent our interest.
On other notes: The person that thought up the plan of 17.5ft sidewalks anywhere in C.B.needs to be replaced now.
I can still remember WW-2 when our Town was packed with tourists during the summer months and we had the same width sidewalks then that we have now and had no trouble maneuvering anywhere in our CBD folks desired.
 If you want to pay $3.00 per gallon for gas buy at C.B.
If you want to pay $2.90 per gallon for gas buy at Monkey Junction.
Your Council needs to strongly rethink their taxing property owners to pay any part of their Health and Dental Insurance and your Mayors compromise that instead of insurance puts extra money in the pockets of  members that select this compromise (Councilman Doetsch and Mayor Pro-Tem Pierce).
There will be an election and ejection next November that will oust from office all who are taking or wanting to take this Insurance and force any of the cost on property owners. This you can bet the bank. As I said last election, our voters will not elect or reelect anyone who elects to force taxpayers to pay any part of their insurance and feed or continue to feed at this public trough. Those folks up for reelection did not believe this and were removed from Council and we elected a new bunch that are on the same path as the rejected folks on this Insurance deal. 
Sooner or later we will elect those that will do what they say they will do and put a stop to folks running for office wanting to serve themselves by feeding at the publics trough.
Morals: A person's standards of behavior or belief concerning what they believe is or is not acceptable for them to do.
Some of us do not view it acceptable for elected officials to vote for a budget that taxes others to pay for elected officials insurance or a compromise of money in lieu of insurance when very few Towns or Cities in N.C. allow elected officials to place the issue of their citizens to pay for their insurance in their budget. Have a good evening.
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC


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