Start Over Planning For Greenway Path

By / Letters to the Editor / Wednesday, 26 November 2014 05:00

Dear Editor,
With our Greenway bike path costing better than 3/4 of a million dollars for 1.2 miles from Harper to Alabama Ave (not counting now required fencing on MOTSU land if it follows it's planned path and no where to go after it ends at Alabama Ave) it is time for Carolina Beach and its bike path enthusiasts to re-plan this costly endeavor that does not meet the intent of the bicycle path plan.
The intent of this plan from its beginning was for a bicycle path on our island to run from Snows Cut to the Ft. Fisher Ferry. As of this email the only folks that I am aware of that are still involved in this 9.5 mile process is Carolina Beach with a Greenway of 1.2 miles long from Harper to Alabama Ave. That leaves the other 8.3 miles with no sponsors or money to complete this path and pick it up at Alabama Ave and carry it to the Fort Fisher Ferry.
I was of the assumption that Kure Beach was on board with this project through their Town but at the Council workshop on November 18th, I was made aware from a Carolina Beach Town Councilman that Kure Beach is no longer in this endeavor but will not stand in the way of Carolina Beach doing what they want to do with this path. So with us being alone in this nonsense on our island it is time for our leaders to look for other ways to have a bicycle path completely in our Town limits without crossing or being put on other lands that we will have to provide expensive fencing and other garbage forever be under the control of the Federal Government. I have 3 inexpensive suggestions to solve this sensibly: (1) We can also drop out and send the grant money back where it came from and let other folks use it to complete this nonsense and go on about our merry way. (2) We can use Sharrows or road marking as is the plan for Harper Ave at little cost to taxpayers. If SHARROWS that have been deemed safe by our leaders for Harper Ave meets the need for a bicycle path then they are safe and meet the needs of all streets in Carolina Beach. (3) Do as we have done safely for better than 50 years with our low speed limits and short streets to co-exist between all who want to use our streets for what ever is legal on all streets in Carolina Beach at no cost to our taxpayers.
This makes more sense to me than all the fancy expensive footwork and garbage I have heard since bicycle paths came on the scene at Carolina Beach.
From the start there hasn't been a sensible plan that meets the needs of all who wish to use our streets without a string of nonsense attached. So until a plan is thought or dreamed up by bicycle enthusiasts and elected officials they need un-plan and start on a path of one of the 3 options I stated.
D. A. Lewis
Carolina Beach, NC


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