Not One Person Spoke In Favor Of Greenway Path

By / Letters to the Editor / Wednesday, 26 November 2014 05:00

Dear Editor,
I attended the Town Workshop on the Greenway Path on November 18th.   What was most surprising was that other than officials, not one person spoke in favor of the current plan.  Not one.  
There were people from all over Pleasure Island, including Carolina Sands, Augusta, Alabama, Clarendon, and Kure Beach all voicing serious concerns about the current bike path plan. Concerns were voiced about poor security, invasion of privacy, declining property values, horrific aesthetics, negative environmental impact, threatened personal safety, increasing crime, and lack of public input after major alterations to the plan.
It was also asked how can the town afford $146,508 on 1.2 miles of a path lined with a prison-style barbed wire fence when we so desperately need funds to dredge our inlet, renourish our beaches and improve our water quality (the total cost is projected at $735,539 with grants).  Inlet, beach and water quality are the lifeblood of Carolina Beach and should have spending priority over an ill-conceived bike path. The Town of Kure Beach rejected this bike path. 
The residents along Clarendon successfully halted Carolina Beach from building a stretch of bike path in their front yards.  All for the same reasons residents voiced Tuesday night.  I am not sure how the Town Government can justify this expense when not one voice was in support of this plan. This plan is not a Greenway.  It is not a convenient connection for children to get to school.  Perhaps there is a better plan as some have suggested.  Perhaps Kure Beach and Carolina Beach can sit down and re-evaluate options and present a true Island Greenway Bike Path we could all happily support when our basics have been addressed and Carolina Beach is in a position for optional fun spending. 
The barbed wire fence is another issue entirely and should be of great concern to Town Government and residents alike.  Yes, we share our island with the army.  But having miles of military grade barbed wire fencing all around our island is a detriment to all.  The path near the Aquarium required and received Pentagon approval.  We should be seeking dispensation to not have fencing around our roads, parks and homes.   We should be fighting to retain the beauty and attraction of our delightful small town, not turn it into a snap shot from a third world country. This is our slice of paradise.  Let’s keep it that way.
Dori Steiman Schoonmaker,
Carolina Beach, NC


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