Priorities First; Not Bike Paths...

By / Letters to the Editor / Wednesday, 10 December 2014 05:00

Editor, Residents,
Our Council continues on a multi-use plan for Carolina Beach that will cost Carolina Beach taxpayers better than $6+million dollars not counting the 1.2 mile Green Way and required MOTSU fencing. With this money (we don't have) your Council is also proposing to implement Multi-Use Bicycle paths on select streets in Carolina Beach for unjustified safety reasons so borrowing will be a must. According to Town records, there have been no recorded injuries between Bicycles and Automobiles for better than 50 years in Carolina Beach. So what is the real reason for bicycle paths anywhere in C.B.? Is this spending to be done to attract tourist dollars, Council members seeking votes for re-election or do we have more money than we can spend? Are our taxes too low, does this Council not have the vision to see things that need to be fixed such as reducing our taxes, paving our streets, require recreation of any kind in C.B. to be able to sustain itself at it's own expense or not exist? To follow a path that forces recreation costs such as bicycle paths on taxpayers and perks for themselves (Council) such as paying any of the cost for their Health and Dental Insurance as a need but not a necessity in this economy is not using good sense, not good decision making, not good use of tax payer money. Perks for elected officials should not be a function of government at taxpayer expense. Those who reside on streets with bicycle paths if implemented in Carolina Beach will be the ones to have to put up with the noise, trash, possibility of theft and vandalism and like messes these paths bring when placed near homes. They also know that C.B. does not have the funds to fix things that are not broken. With all the proposed spending going on in this administration taxpayers should demand Council reduce our taxes and pave our streets first. We know as a fact that almost all streets in this town have pavement issues due to neglect. Ride/drive from 6th and Atlanta Ave. to Dow road and you will be driving on major neglect of elected officials. When is this council going to break this mold and pave streets and not stay on the path of nonsense created by others before them that would  have us put expensive asphalt on unneeded bicycle paths and not on streets for automobile travel?
Is our Council going to continue to try to force us to have a few bicycle paths now at the expense of bad streets for many years to come? Money is not there for both. One Council member in defense of bicycle paths stated Council is not out to spend the stated 6 million dollars+ for bicycle paths in C.B. even though we do not have funding yet this is the path your Council is on. Fencing alone for our Waste Water Treatment Plant built on MOTSU land has now cost C.B. taxpayers over $100,000.00 and counting and any land that we lease from the Federal Government in the future that they deem necessary will have in its contract to include fencing at Town expense.
Prior Councils, MPO and those detached from Carolina Beach state they want bicycle paths from Wilmington to Ft. Fisher yet Carolina Beach alone is the only Town on our island actively into this effort. At Kure Beach, an uproar came about from residents who heard that a bicycle trail was proposed to pass close behind their homes and this trail was justly eliminated. Who does our Council represent? Are they representing the people who are calling for these paths and are not residents and property owners and voters of C.B.? I suggest that Council take a better look at the nonsense they have inherited and look at who they were elected to represent that has the ability to re-elect or vote them out of office.
As information and an example not one person spoke in favor of the proposed 1.2 mile Green Way trail costing $750,000.00 + the cost of fencing on MOTSU land at a Council workshop that is to run and then stop with no support or funds to go anywhere after Alabama Ave.
After all the studies is done, the best and least expensive way to handle this issue on our short streets and low speed limits is to continue to do as we have done safely for 50+years and that is be alert and co-exist on our streets in C.B. Last but not least in this Christmas season of giving your Mayor and Council are still into (taking/forcing funds from us through our budget )for their Health and Dental Insurance contrary to what some campaigned on. If you have an Inkling concerning the taking of this insurance vote them all out when their re-election time comes. Inkling: a slight knowledge, suspicion; or hint.
Have a merry Christmas.
DA Lewis, Carolina Beach


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