CV-19 does not warrant shutting down our economy

By / Letters to the Editor / Tuesday, 07 April 2020 16:27

Dear Editor,
Today the Music Stops and we further move inch by inch down the Road to Serfdom. I am no Anarchist. Our Government was instituted to defend Liberty and our Rights in pursuit of our values not UK style Socialized Health Care . King Cooper and local accomplices issue commandments as if we were their subjects.

They are violating their oaths and should be held accountable. Trump’s failure to act on his predecessor’s information, CON and the FDA immoral regulations have exacerbated the affects of CV-19. Our courageous Health Care workers will soon be overwhelmed because of elected and bureaucratic incompetence. Taking life saving action such as physical distancing and isolation of the sick and predisposed to CV-19 does not warrant shutting down our economy. As Say’s Law states “ Supply creates Demand ,ie production “. Now more than ever we need life saving inventions and innovators that the market force of Capitalism enables. Government edict will only diminish our capacity to eradicate this pandemic. American by our nature don’t like being pushed around by government commandments. Resist, resist my fellow Americans as did our founders to Tyranny. Our lives depend on it!!!

Frederick Fisher
Carolina Beach, NC


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