Dear Residents and Owners in Kure Beach,

By / Letters to the Editor / Friday, 30 July 2021 19:04

I want to communicate with you on the importance of our emergency services. Our Police and Fire Dept. respond with critical speed to all emergencies and this time of year there are many per day. These brave men and women get to those in need in less than three minutes of the call.  Much of it associated with the beach or beach front visitors.  It is imperative that we keep our vehicular paths thru K Ave. heading east as clear as possible. Oversize trucks should not be on the South side of K. Ave., during a major emergency many of could be destroyed by the fire trucks if they block emergency access. That can also put our service vehicles out of commission. I am asking that you tell your neighbors, that Realty Companies tell their guests that parking too far out on the road or with front wheels on the sidewalk will be ticketed. This is about safety for our residents and our guests.

Another point, underage individuals driving golf carts is illegal. To drive the street legal carts that are registered with plates you must have a license. This is true for every street, not just Fort Fisher. Most recently an underage driver went through a stop sign and almost collided with a volunteer fireman heading to an emergency. That could have been a disaster for a child and a family, as well as for the fireman should that underage driver been hurt or killed in an accident.  

We want our residents and guests to enjoy the beauty of this location and the atmosphere of our town, however, common sense and thoughts of safety must prevail.


Craig Bloszinsky 

Mayor Kure Beach 










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