Hook, Line and Sinker: Local Fishing Report for March 8th, 2017

By / Fishing / Wednesday, 08 March 2017 05:00

Capt John Theodorakis
Theofficial Fishing Charters

People who do not live at the beach simply cannot understand what it is like to get weather in February like we have over the past week. I am pretty sure that Wilmington/Carolina Beach area broke some high temp records this week and came close on several other days. It was AMAZING. Over the weekend the drive to the beach was chaos as people were flocking there. Everyone who had a boat was either trying to take it out or getting it ready for the next weekend of unseasonably warm weather. To be sure there is more weather like this ahead of us as we are almost into the month of March now. I am not sure whether to tell you that the fish were really biting this week or if there were just that many more anglers on the water that it seemed like they were. All I can say is that typically our fishery this time of year is pretty safe from pressure but that wasn’t the case this week. There anglers out on the water this week found plenty of action inshore. There were reports of striper, redfish, trout, and even flounder being caught all week. It is not unusual to catch a small winter flounder while fishing for trout or redfish this time of year but when you have anglers catching up to 3 and 4 flounder a day, the water is much warmer than normal. I have always told people that there is more founder than one would think that hang around in our local waters throughout the winter. In my opinion, the water gets to a certain temperature and these fish go into somewhat of a hibernation mode. These very warm days that we have had recently has warm the water up enough to make these “local” fish decide to eat a little bit. Let’s just hope that things don’t change and we will be set up for one heck of a fishing season. My advice to you is to get out there on these warm to hot winter days and see what you can find.
Everything will most likely happen a little earlier this year than normal so don’t be afraid to get out there and be the first to find the “hot bite”.
Good Luck!!


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