As the Regular Season comes to a close the 2016 Carolina Beach Youth Basketball Tournament Begins

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Regular Season Champs:
15-17 Age Division: Hamm Hearing Aid;
12-14 Age Division: Wilmington Lawn & Leisure;
9-11 Age Division: Mid Atlantic-Drilling
6-8 Age Division: Gibby’s Dock & Dine

Week 8&9
• 2/13/16
6-8 Age Division
- 9:00AM – Kid to Kid vs. CBPD –This was another very close game with CBPD taking a 1-pont lead after the 1st quarter 4-3. In the 2nd quarter Kid to Kid was able to take over the lead  at 11-8 going into halftime after outscoring CBPD 8-4. After halftime Kid to Kid used a 6-1 run to bring their lead up to 8-points. Good thing they had that lead because CBPD fought back to within 2-points before the end of the game 21-19. The win improved Kid to Kid’s Regular Season record to 5-4, while the CBPD dropped to 3-6. HIGHLIGHTS: CBPD: #12 Avery Saffo 12, #11 BrodytWilson 5, and #13 Kaden Winebar 2. Kid to Kid: #1 Grant Ruscetti 10, #12 Cabo Hruska 6, and #21 Vaughn Batchelor 5.
- 10:00AM – CB Realty vs. Gibby’s Dock & Dine – Two back to back 6-2 runs gave CB Realty a comfortable halftime lead 12-4. After halftime CB Realty’s defense counitued to be unforgiving allowing just 3-point in the 2nd half, meanwhile the offense added 7 more points giving them the win 19-7. The win improves CB Realty to 6-3 on the season and despite the loss Gibby’s still took 1st Place in the Regular Season with a 7-2 record. HIGHLIGHTS: CB Realty: #12 Parker Kitts 11 and #14 Deron Cato 8. Gibby’s Dock & Dine: #14 Bryson Mayo 3 and #10 Kingston Hroncich 2.
- 11:00AM – Bass Built Custom Homes vs. Pop’s Diner – After falling behind 4-2 in the 1st quarter, Bass Built was able to tie up the game at 4-4 going into halftime. After halftime Pop’s Diner used a 14-2 run (Connor McPhesson had 10 of his 14 points in the quarter) in the 3rd quarter and a 10-0 (All 10-points scored by Taylor Robinson) run in the 4th quarter to take the win 28-6. The win improves Pop’s to 6-3 on the season, while Bass Built dropped to 0-9. HIGHLIGHTS: Pop’s Diner: #11 Connor McPherson 14, #3 Taylor Robinson 10, and #5 Alaina Boos and #13 Dylan Burrill 2-points each. Bass Built: #14 Nick Branwell, #5 Sadie Bass and #2 Cody Harrison 2-points each.
• 2/13/16
9-11 Age Division
- 1:00PM – Hines Senior Center vs. Island Tackle – After falling behind 7-3 in the 1st quarter, Island Tackle was able to go on a 4-0 run in the 2nd quarter bringing the score to 7-7 at halftime. After halftime the close play continued with Hines taking a 1-point lead after the 3rd quarter 12-11. In the 4th quarter  Hines picked up 9-points, while their defense held Island Tackle to 5-points giving them the win 21-16. The win improves Hines Senior Center dropped to 4-5, while Island Tackle dropped to 0-9. HIGHLIGHTS: Hines Senior Center: #13 Cane Mehling 8, #5 Carter Kelly 5, #11 Talan Groseclose 4, and #12 Wyatt Ellis and #4 Vincent Agrillo 2-points each. Island Tackle: #3 Terrell Parker 8, #10 Katelynn Carter 4, and #1 Layth Monroe and #5 Keaton Green 2-points each.
- 2:00PM – Lazy Pirate vs. CBDI – After falling behind 7-0 in the 1st quarter CBDI was able to get to within a point of the Lazy Pirate by halftime after a 12-6 2nd quarter. In the 3rd quarter the Lazy Pirate was able to add to their lead after outscoring CBDI 7-4. CBDI was able to close out the game with a 8-2 run in the 4th quarter to take the 2-point win 24-22. The win improves CBDI to 6-3 and puts them tied for 3rd Place, while Lazy Pirate dropped to 1-8. HIGHIGLIGHTS: CBDI: #11 Carter Grace 11, $14 Leo Baggie 8, #1 Collin Kitts 3, and #4 Jonathan Baggie 2. Lazy Pirate: #13 Jackson Kupec 13, #5 Khalil Kelly 5, #2 Zane Day and #10 Will Griffen 2-points each.
- 3:00PM – Mid Atlantic Drilling vs. Bass Built Custom Homes – 1st Place Mid-Atlantic Drilling’s offense fueled them to a 9-point lead after the 1st quarter in this game 15-9. In the 2nd quarter Mid-Atlantic’s lead continued to grow after a 5-1 run brought the score to 20-7 by halftime. After halftime Mid-Atlantic continued to pull away outscoring Bass built in the 2nd half 20-9, giving them the win 40-18. The win finished Mid-Atlantic Drilling’s perfect regular Season at 9-0, while Bass Built dropped to 3-6. HIGHLIGHTS: Mid Atlantic Drilling: #4 Aidan Payne 17, #14 Nate Milin 12, #11 Joshua Jernigan, #10 Silas Jackson, and #12 Kaylee Smith each had 3-points, and #13 Jacob Todd 2. Bass Built: #2 Evan Stewart 9, #11 Owen Morini 6, #1 Mstthew Silver 2, and #14 Michael Gibbs 1.
- 4:00PM – American Legion vs. CBPD – After falling behind 2-0 in the 1st quarter the CBPD was able to take a 9-8 lead by halftime. After halftime the CBPD was able to continue to pull away outscoring American Legion 10-5 in the 3rd quarter giving them a 19-13 advantage going into the final quarter. In the final quarter the CBPD was able to hold off a late rally to take the win 30-21. In the battle for 2nd Place the CBPD takes 2nd Place at 7-2, while the American Legion fell to 3rd Place at 6-3. HIGHLIGHTS: American Legion: #13 Blaine Mays and #3 Nicholas Lamendola each had 8-points, #11 Samuel McNamara 4, and #5 Rayne Schoonmaker 1. CBPD: #14 Grant Blackburn 10, #13 David Corwin 5, #2 Chad Fleshman and #11 Fisher Carter with 4-points each, #5 Jayce Atanasoff 3, and #12 Jackson Blackburn and #4 Kendall Marcucilli 2-points each.
12-14 Age Division
• 2/11/16
- 6:30PM – Michael’s Seafood vs. PC Sports – After a 2-2 1st quarter and a 12-12 2nd quarter both teams were tied up at 14-14 going into halftime. After halftime PC Sports used a 10-1 run in the 3rd quarter to take a 9-point lead 24-15. In the final quarter PC Sports was able to again outscore Michael’s 6-4 to take the win 30-19. The win improved PC Sports to 4-4 on their season, while Michael’s Seafood dropped to 2-6. HIGHLIGHTS: Michael’s Seafood: #4 Dylann McGowan 5, #5 Owen Davis and #3 Nathan Hardison 4-points each, and #1 Jacob Chalmers, #12 Madison Chalmers, and #13 Jett Tugwell 2-points each. PC Sports: #11 Brennan Stafford 16, #2 Kenan Everhart 8, #12 William Hamilton 4, and #13 Jillian Miles 2.
- 7:30PM – Allied Pest Control vs. Wilmington Lawn & Leisure – After a 11-8 1st quarter Wilmington Lawn was able to keep their lead at 3-points going into halftime after both teams scored 5 2nd quarter points. After halftime the 1st Place Wilmington Lawn’s Offense exploded scoring 12 in the 3rd quarter and 20 in the 4th giving them the win 48-24. The win Keeps Wilmington Lawn & Leisure’s in 1st Place at 7-1, while Allied Pest Control dropped to 6-2 and is in 2nd Place. HIGHLIGHTS: Wilmington Lawn & Leisure: #12 Austin Johnson 19, #14 Mason Masey 14, #5 Jas Herring and #10 Marc Fatum 4-points each, #3 Seanan Darakjy 3, and #13 Coleton Johnson and #1 Trey Johnson 2-points each. Allied Pest Control: #5 Kyler Schoonmaker 8, #10 Michael Stewart and #2 John Jernigan 5-points each, #13 Mason Brooks 4, and #4 Coleman Lamendola 2.
• 2/12/16
- 6:30PM – CBFD vs. PIYB – After a close 9-7 1st quarter PIYB increased their lead to 11-points by halftime 21-10. In the 3rd quarter PIYB added another point to their lead after outscoring CBFD again 9-8, bringing the score to 30-18. In the final quarter PIYB continued to pull away winning by a final score of 44-26. The win improves PIYB to 3-5 on their season, while CBFD dropped to 2-6. HIGHLIGHTS: PIYB: #12 Carlos Avalos 14, #4 Blake Olanovich 11, #1 Robbie Helmus 8, #13 Maddox Green and #5 Nicolas Ruscetti 4-points each, and #3 Jadon Morini 3. CBFD: #4 Cayne Davis 7, #3 Justin Thomason 6, #1 Peter Gilman and #10 Jacob Lamkin 3-points each, #12 Cameron Bope, #14 Brayden West and #13 Ben Stout 2-points each and #5 Tyler Dean 1.
15-17 Age Division
- 7:30PM – Superior Medical vs. NHRMC – After falling behind 9-6 in the 1st quarter NHRMC was able to take a 1-point lead going into halftime 19-18. After halftime NHRMC’s offense really helped them to pull away picking up 18-points, which brought their lead up to 8-points 37-28. In the final quarter NHRMC was able to countiue to pull away winning by a final score of 47-35. The win improved NHRMC to 4-4, while Superior dropped to 5-3. HIGHLIGHTS: NHRMC: #11 Sean Ross 14, #13 Jacob Johnson 11, #14 Bradley Plyler and #10 Ethan Graves 6-points each, #12 Vinny Farmintino 4, and #3 Rocco Farmintino and #2 Michael Philips 3-points each. Superior Medical: #10 Jacob Reeves, #13 Ryan Bailey, 32 Peyton Blankenbeckler, #12 Thomas Blankenbeckler, and #3 Jacob Hardison each had 6-points, #4 Colby Stoner 3, and #11 Nick Reeves 2.
- 8:30PM – Blackburn Brothers vs. Hamm Hearing Aid – Hamm went on a 13-4 run to start the 1st quarter of this game. Blackburn was able to fight back to within 5-points by halftime after outscoring Hamm 10-6 in the 2nd quarter. In the 3rd quarter Blackburn continued to fight back getting to within 2-points of Hamm by the end of the quarter 23-21. In the final quarter both teams were playing tough and fighting for the win, but Hamm came out on top 33-30 thanks to some big free throws from Isaiah Fields and Nash Best. The win improves Hamm Hearing Aid to 8-1 on the season, while Blackburn dropped to 0-9. HIGHLIGHTS: Hamm Hearing Aid: #3 Nash Best 11, #14 Isaiah Fields 10, #10 JaQuel Sidberry 6, #12 Carson Garner 4, and #13 Dakota Spruley 2. Blackburn Brothers: #4 Brett Harms 10, #12 Luke Winslow 9, #14 Nicholas Sander 4, #11 Jantzen Hartsell 3, and #1 Grady Yopp and #13 Josh Stewart 2.


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