Kure Beach Planning Commission To Hold Meeting On 421 Parking

Kure Beach Planning Commission To Hold Meeting On 421 Parking Featured

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KURE BEACH - The Kure Beach Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a special meeting on February 4th at 6PM, prior to their regular monthly meeting at 7PM, to discuss parking issues along Highway 421 (Fort Fisher Blvd).
The issue first came to the attention of Town Council at their August 21st, meeting regarding parking problems along Highway 421 (Fort Fisher Blvd South) during the summer months.
Al Woodal - a resident of the Ocean Dunes community, said, "We have a parking slash trespassing problem that on any summer weekend is a real issue and on holiday weekends it's a nightmare."
Woodal said Ocean Dunes maintains the area along the roadside cutting the grass and maintaining sprinklers. He said, "We realize the beach has a public access to it but I'm here to request no-parking signs" along Highway 421.
He said after speaking with officials from the North Carolina Department of Transportation they agreed to put up signs, but were not sure about enforcement.
Woodal said the previous weekend the roadside was lined with cars, "And once the area filled up out there they started coming into our property. There are signs everywhere saying private property, do not park, etc. No one obeyed anything. They pulled into car ports that were vacant just assuming the people weren't home."
He said, "Two cars pulled up into my particular area right in front of where I park. A car and a truck. Both were packed with kids. I said listen you guys have to leave. This is private property, you cannot park here. Leave. And over in the distance I hear someone yelling "Do not talk to my children that way."
He said the mother was using their shower washing off her stuff. He told her to leave or else he would call the police and the lady responded, "Call the police" in a defiant manner.
Woodal said people have been observed urinating on a fence in the area and one lady was seen using a shower without clothing on.
He said the situation will eventually have a negative impact on their property values not to mention their quality of life.
He said the same thing happens throughout the Ocean Dunes condo complex.
Councilman David Heglar questioned if the Town could actually enforce no-parking signs along a state highway.
Town attorney Andy Canoutas said if the North Carolina Department of Transportation has no objection to enforcing the signs, the Town can enforce it but once a person is on Ocean Dunes property, it's up to the Homeowner's Association to take action.
The Town would also have to adopt a new ordinance concerning enforcement of no-parking signs in that area.
Council discussed other areas of Town that have similar issues near subdivisions such as Sea Watch, Kure Beach Village and others.
Council member Emilie Swearingen said, "It is a problem with Kure Beach Village to where they are parking in that vacant lot up there. They are parking all the way down Kure Beach Village Way and in front of the gazebos." She said some people have broken locks off of bathrooms and caused other issues for area residents.
Ocean Dunes requires a parking permit placed on the vehicle, but Woodal said he wasn't sure how well that was enforced.
Bill Moore, President of the Ocean Dunes Homeowners Association spoke to the Planning and Zoning Commission in December and said he spoke with the North Carolina Department of Transpiration (NCDOT) and they will pay for signs if the Town makes a "full time decision" to enforce no parking signs along 421, but if not, it will be the Town's responsibility.
Commission member Joseph Whitley said in December that a representative of NCDOT said, "It is pretty much up to the Town what we would like to do. We could block it off, no parking, we could limit it, we could restrict it around the entrances to Ocean Dunes. It would be up to the Town to decided."
Commission Chairman Craig Galbraith said, "And that was just not for Ocean Dunes, that's for all of 421" and they could come up with a master parking plan for the entire road in Kure Beach.
Whitley said some of the areas in question lead to CAMA (Coastal Area Management Act) Beach Access walkways that permit public access to the beach within the Ocean Dunes condo complex. He said, "It's pedestrian. It is foot traffic. You can restrict parking but you can't do anything with the foot traffic using the beach access."
Whitley said NCDOT will put up the signs, but the Town has to enforce those parking restrictions.
Galbraith said parking is not typically a zoning issue, but Council asked them to research the issue.


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