Carolina Beach Council To Vote On New Operations Center

Carolina Beach Council To Vote On New Operations Center Featured

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CAROLINA BEACH - The Carolina Beach Town Council will consider awarding a contract for the construction of a new Operations Center behind Town Hall and adjacent to the  Olde Mariner's Village neighborhood during their upcoming March 10th meeting at 6:30PM at Town Hall.
The Operations Center was formerly located on land leased to the Town by the U.S. Army in the 1970's to build a wastewater treatment plant.
Several years ago the Army notified the Town they were in violation of that lease which only permitted the treatment plant and associated operations. That didn't include a waste transfer station, automotive repair garage, green house, and office and storage space for their public works, utilities and storm water departments.
The Town relocated the Operations Center offices to the Police Training and Emergency Operations Center room at Town Hall and converted that room into office areas.
Storage and other uses were relocated to leased commercial space at the Federal Point Shopping Center.
The Town has since purchased land on Bridge Barrier Road for outdoor storage of materials and a small workshop area. The offices and some storage of materials and equipment will also be located on land behind Town Hall in a warehouse style building.
During the Council's February 10th, meeting Town Manager Michael Cramer explained the Town had advertised a Request for Proposals (RFP) soliciting bids from contractors to design and build the center.
He explained, "That operations center... was part of the conversation we had regarding waste management and how to manage our operations crews more effectively. What we are doing with this particular request for proposals and this project is to develop a 4,000 square foot warehouse building and a 2,000 square foot office building in the back of the one remaining lot we have here at Town Hall that is undeveloped."
Cramer explained they received three proposals and ultimately determined two were responsive bidders. He said, "At this point the range of cost for this project, for the design build portion, would have been anywhere between $320,000 which was the low bid to $455,000 which was the highest bid."
He said, "As staff goes through we are looking to make a recommendation that Council allow myself to enter into negotiations with R. A. Casper Construction, Inc. [of Wilmington, NC] for the design build contract at a total dollar value of $340,460.00. Over the next month we will be negotiating and doing some fine tuning and some value engineering on that particular project and also adding in things like our site plan development because that isn't part of the design build."
Councilman Steve Shuttleworth asked, "The $340,000.00 is just the two structures. It doesn't include storm water. Doesn't include utility, infrastructure?"
Cramer explained, "Yes. It is only the buildings themselves. The interior and exterior of the buildings, it does not include. Site plan development, which at this point the estimates I have is somewhere in the $10,000.00 range for the site development aspect."
Shuttleworth pointed out the center would have an additional 800 square feet of office space. He said, "So we are going to have an additional 800 square feet of office, are we moving anyone else out of Town Hall or just these guys?"
Cramer said, "Right now, no."
Shuttleworth said, "So we are just making an additional 800 square feet of office space?"
Cramer explained, "We are trying to give them a better atmosphere in how they function. Right now we have several of our supervisors who are not only in the same office but using the same computer and trying to discipline and handle staff in the same environment which is not ideal. So yes we would be expanding their space."
Councilman Gary Doetsch said, "The only thing I would ask you is to make sure the folks adjacent to the property be informed and kept up to date on what we are doing."
Cramer said, "I'm definitely going to reach out to the neighboring community and talk to them about trying to get a meeting with their homeowners association."
Once the contract is awarded, Cramer said it should be completed in August of this year. The office area in Town Hall will be converted into a multipurpose room for training and for community events."
The total budget for the new building, restoring the Police Training Room as well as other associated costs is $497,000.
R.A. Casper indicated they have performed work for organizations such as Four Co. Electric, UNCW and the Pender County School System as well as private clients.
They will supply and erect a pre-engineered warehouse style steel building 60' wide, 65' long and 16' high at the eaves. Additionally, a connected 60' wide, 35' long, 12' high office wing. The total dimension of the building will be 60' wide by 100' long.
The Council will also vote on a resolution to seek approval from the North Carolina Local Government Commission to finance the project. 


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