Town Closes Cape Fear Blvd Again For Infrastructure Project

Town Closes Cape Fear Blvd Again For Infrastructure Project Featured

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CAROLINA BEACH - Due to unforeseen issues lurking underground during the ongoing Phase 1A infrastructure project in Carolina Beach, the Town has once again closed portions of Cape Fear Blvd near the downtown Boardwalk area.
Other areas are closed for previously scheduled work west of South Lake Park Blvd on Cape Fear. Town Manager Michael Cramer updated the Council on the progress of the project during their March 10th, meeting. The Phase 1A project is replacing aging water and sewer lines as well as storm water lines and a larger sewer force main that pumps sewer water west across the Island to a treatment plant off Dow Road.
Cramer explained, "Going into this last month before our tourism season kicks off. Right now our Phase 1A project is still moving forward. We are planning on having all of Cape Fear east of Lake Park and all of Canal Drive completely resurfaced and completed with the streetscape by March 27th."
The plan also calls for wider sidewalks and new landscaping along Cape Fear Blvd.
He explained, "We will have those areas most likely still closed off for the weekend and we will start cleaning up and making sure that it is presentable for April 1st. That was our deadline. Along those same lines, the Phase 1A project continues on west up Cape Fear Blvd and goes from Lake Park all the way up to 6th Street. We anticipate that by April 1st we will be from Lake Park to 3rd Street. That will compete that part of the project. The 4th, 5th and 6th blocks will end up going for probably about another month and that will be finalizing the sewer capacity in that area and adding in a couple of additional waterlines in that area. We will also finish that off with the new streetscape and multi-use path on Cape Fear Blvd. The multi-use path will end at 6th Street."
Cramer said, "Along those same lines you'll notice that we have a lot of construction going on down in the boardwalk district. Most of the north end of that district we have had crews in there removing the sidewalks, putting in new sidewalks, installing new water lines along the entire boardwalk length next to the beach. That
way we have fire hydrants and things of that nature in that general area. All of those activities are also supposed to be completed by April 1st."
He explained, "Gil and his staff have been down there on a day to day basis working around the clock. We have many of our subcontractors working Saturdays and Sundays now to make sure that all of these projects get completed by the April 1st, deadline."
Cramer said, "The wooden boardwalk improvement, once again the drop dead deadline for that is April 1st."
That project has replaced an aging 757-foot long wooden oceanfront boardwalk in the downtown Central Business District with a brand new wider structure featuring more ADA accessibility, sitting areas, a new oceanfront stage and other amenities.
Cramer explained, "We are anticipating that we should have all of the major construction and final pilings in by the end of this week and then they'll just be doing clean up and landscaping.
Right now if you go down there at night you will see the brand new lights we have down there that have been active for the last week."
Mayor Dan Wilcox explained, "I hope the boardwalk is finished a couple of days early because we have a ribbon cutting on March 31st."
Council member Leann Pierce asked when Canal Drive near the Boardwalk will be paved.
Cramer explained, "I guess it depends on finishing up the sidewalks in that area. Right now with the weather and the fact that it keeps raining periodically, we keep getting pushed back with the concrete. Our anticipation is next week we will have the concrete down, we will have the sidewalks in and then they'll start paving the following week."
He explained, "We are looking at probably two weeks to finish that up. At the same time they are already closing down Cape Fear from Lake Park down to Canal Drive and completely tearing the northern side of the street up to put in the rest of the sewer lines, storm drainage
lines and finish that part of the project up."
He said that work should also be complete by April 1st.
Councilman Gary Doetsch jokingly said, "Wait a minute now, because April 1st you know, we haven't heard the year. Let's hope it's this year."


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