Man Dead After Jumping From Bridge Following Car Wreck

Man Dead After Jumping From Bridge Following Car Wreck Featured

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NEW HANOVER CTY - A man died Sunday after his vehicle collided with several trees under Snow's Cut Bridge and then he jumped from the top of the bridge in view of emergency personnel responding to the vehicle incident.
According to Lt. Jerry Brewer with the New Hanover County Sheriff's Department, 20-year-old Forrest David Johnson was driving a red SUV on River Road at around 7:30am Sunday morning when he failed to make the sharp turn below Snow's Cut Bridge and collided with multiple trees.
Brewer said, "He failed to make the 90 degree turn and hit multiple trees. The vehicle was a mangled mess."
Brewer said emergency personnel search for the driver for around 15 to 20 minutes and then they heard Johnson yell down from the top of the bridge, "Hey ya'll watch this" at which point Johnson jumped and landed on rocks beneath the bridge.
Johnson was taken to the hospital and placed in the Intensive Care Unit. He passed away later the same day from injuries resulting from the impact on the rocks.
Last month a lady parked near the bridge and jumped over the railing. She landed in shallow water and managed to make her way to the rocks on shore near Snow's Cut Park on the north side of the bridge. Firefighters from a nearby station responded and she was transported by EMS due to injuries. No charges were filed.
Previous incidents include a July 31st, 2013 attempted suicide when a Carolina Beach Police Officer convinced a man not to jump.
November 2011 was a busy month near the bridge. A female left a note and her cell phone atop the bridge leading law enforcement to believe she jumped into the waters below. The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Department later found her safe at another location.
The Sheriff's Department found a man who committed suicide at the Snow's Cut Park on the north side of the bridge off River Road.
Several weeks prior to that, the Carolina Beach Police Department responded to a reported suicide jumper at Snow's Cut Bridge.
After finding a man's wallet and other belongings, they searched for his body in the waters below, but were later notified of a man walking in only his ripped boxers along the side of the road.
The man said he was retired Coast Guard and often jumped from bridges. EMS personnel took him to the hospital for observation. He was not charged by police.


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