Storm Drain Line Installation Completed On Cape Fear Blvd

Storm Drain Line Installation Completed On Cape Fear Blvd Featured

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CAROLINA BEACH -  Crews working for Civil Works Contractors completed installation of a storm drain pipe along Cape Fear Blvd late last week in the area of Sea Merchants Grocery Store. The road was graded and compacted. Now crews will prepare to install sidewalks along both sides of the road.
A problem with a 10 inch water line caused a delay but the issue was resolved. Last week Gil DuBois - Public Utilities Director - explained, "Over the next couple of weeks we will see all of the sidewalks, curb and asphalt done in that section also. We have one section to cross on Lake Park."
That portion required the intersection to be closed overnight. Work was unable to be to be completed so another overnight closure will be planned.
Town Manager Michael Cramer explained earlier this month, "During construction on Cape Fear we have had several setbacks including finding underground water and sewer lines that we did not know about and weather delays due to poor conditions. Because of those issues I have granted Civil Works Contractors (CWC) a time extension on the project. The original substantial completion date was scheduled for March 13th. I have granted
CWC a 90-day extension so the new substantial completion date is June 13th. Liquidated damages for this work would not begin until after June 13th."
The ongoing Phase 1-A infrastructure project to replace aging water, sewer and storm water utility lines in Carolina Beach is now anticipated to be complete by May 15th.
A portion of Canal Drive near the downtown Boardwalk has been closed during the installation of sidewalks and paving the road. It's scheduled to reopen April 24th for the section between Harper Avenue and Cape Fear Blvd.


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