Additional Work Performed For Storm Drain Pipes; Canal Drive Reopened

Additional Work Performed For Storm Drain Pipes; Canal Drive Reopened Featured

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CAROLINA BEACH - Crews working on the Phase 1A infrastructure project in Carolina Beach encountered a setback last week on Cape Fear Blvd between Lake Park Blvd and 3rd Street.
After installing new storm drain lines on the north side of the street, they discovered the lines on the south side of the Street were collapsing under the weight of vehicle traffic.
Gil DuBois - Public Utilities Director - said he made a decision to direct the contractor, Civil Works Contractors, to replace those lines rather than kicking the can down the road only to have to return and tear up the road in the near future. A vehicle sinking into the dirt was a sign something serious was going on underground. After using a camera to inspect the drain line, it was discovered that portions had already collapsed.
The portion of the project on Cape Fear Blvd from Lake Park to 3rd Street is set for completion by May 15th including sidewalks and repaving the road. Town Manger Michael Cramer explained Tuesday May 5th, "We are still shooting for May 15th for the section of Cape Fear from Lake Park to 3rd." Work on Cape Fear from 3rd to 6th Streets is set for completion by June 13th. Cramer said that portion may be delayed by a week.
Last week the Town finished a section of the project on Canal Drive from Harper Avenue to Cape Fear Blvd at the Carolina Beach Boardwalk.
That section of road now includes sidewalks and has been resurfaced. Work continues in the area installing underground conduits to place power and other utility lines below ground in the future. The road is narrow so the sidewalks were installed at the same level as the asphalt to permit larger vehicles to travel in that area by using the sidewalks when needed. For example, large delivery trucks and emergency vehicles.
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