Kure Beach Recognized For Lower Flood Insurance Rating

Kure Beach Recognized For Lower Flood Insurance Rating Featured

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KURE BEACH - The Town of Kure Beach has achieved a new rating under the Community Rating System for the National Flood Insurance Program that saves homeowners money on their insurance policies.
Building Inspector John Batson received a plaque at the Council's May 19th, meeting from John Gerber - NC Emergency Management - to acknowledge the Town as a member of the Community Rating System (CRS). Gerber explained, "The Town of Kure Beach has been in the National Flood Insurance Program since 1982 and obviously there are a lot of good reasons you want to do that down here at the beach, of course primarily it's an insurance program that allows your citizens to be able to carry flood insurance."
He explained, "The work and the higher standards that the Town has incorporated and is administering is to be commended because actually you go beyond what FEMA's (Federal Emergency Mangement Agency) minimum standards are for standards and specifications in the Flood Insurance Program. For that, you are not only protecting your citizens with higher standards, you are also allowing them to save insurance premium money. That's a pretty big deal."
Gerber explained, "The Town of Kure Beach began participating in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) January 6, 1982 making flood insurance available to its citizens and property owners. Since entering the NFIP, the Town has make meaningful advances in the administration and enforcement of its floodplain management program. The result of these increased efforts is a safer, more disaster resistant community."
He explained, "In the early 1990’s FEMA decided to recognize communities for exceptional efforts by reducing flood insurance premiums through the Community Rating System or CRS. A list of activities related to floodplain management and a credit based point system was established. Communities receive a 5% discount for each class they advance from a Class 10 (no discount) to Class 1 (45% discount)."
Gerber said the Town was awarded a class 8 rating on May 1st of this year. He said, "Distinguishing itself as one of a very select group of NFIP communities in the state ad nationally. Only 15% of the communities participating in the NFIP in North Carolina achieve the level of CRS participation."
He explained, "Today, there are 985 flood insurance policies in force in the Town. That represents more than $259 million in flood insurance coverage. Policyholders in the Special Flood Hazard Area (Zones A, AE, VE) can now receive a 10% discount on their policy premium, which is an average savings of $132 per policy. Policyholders in the lower risk areas or Zones X are eligible for a 5% discount. In total, policyholders realize an annual savings of $36,243 because Kure Beach participates in the CRS. The Town, in its CRS program, is implementing and receiving credit for activities related to obtaining and maintaining Elevation Certificates for structures; providing map information services; conducting education and outreach; providing flood hazard disclosure; providing flood protection information and resources in local libraries; providing flood protection technical assistance to property data; storm water management; and floodplain management planning."
Gerber said, "On behalf of the State of North Carolina and FEMA Regions IV, we recognize the Town of Kure Beach on its continued efforts toward outstanding floodplain management. The Town’s actions will result in a community that is more resistant to flood damage ad more resilient. Congratulations to the Town on its achievement of CRS Class 8 rating."
Mayor Pro Tem Craig Bloszinsky said, "John Batson, you virtually took that on single handily and I want to recognize the work you did in saving this money for Kure Beach."


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