Manager Says Town Working On Yard Debris Backlog

Manager Says Town Working On Yard Debris Backlog Featured

By / Local News / Friday, 12 June 2015 04:00

CAROLINA BEACH - You may have recently noticed piles of yard debris sitting for extended periods of time along streets in Carolina Beach. Several residents have inquired about the delay in picking up those piles. Carolina Beach Town Manager Michael Cramer delivered this report to Town Council via email earlier this morning:

Dear Council,
There are several reasons why the town has a backlog of yard waste debris at the side of the roads.  Below is a short list of the things that have contributed to the delay:
1.)    Equipment Failures – We have had two of our four backhoes in a state of repair for several months.  Both vehicles are in the Public Works Department.  One does not go into gear well and both have hydraulic issues.  The parts for this equipment are on backorder and we have attempted to use other equipment in between other water and sewer schedules.

2.)    Freeman Park Changes – With the development of the Freeman Park Camping sites in March and April we utilized a majority of our staff to perform those duties.  This did push back the regular quarterly pick up.

3.)    TS Ana – Following TS Ana we utilized a majority of our staff to make the ocean access points safe for use.  We had several that needed additional steps, 4 x 4 timbers and other repairs along with knocking down the escarpments on the beach.

4.)    Boardwalk – With the opening of the new boardwalk we have dedicated more resources to maintaining this facility.  As you know we have had significant vandalism at the boardwalk and continued to upgrade our services during the spring.

In short we have increased our service delivery this year compared to previous years.  In past years we have spread our staff throughout the community to prepare for the tourist season and maintain yard waste pick up.  With the number of new and improved services come some growing pains.  This year the growing pain was how to meet the needs of the residence regarding yard waste.  Daniel Keating our new Environmental Supervisor has done a great job of getting up to speed with the requirements of the job and has made many efficiency improvements to our services.  Daniel is now focusing on the very labor intensive, time consuming and expensive process of yard waste.  As a team Ed Parvin, Gil Dubois, Mark Hewitt, Daniel Keating and I have discussed our town codes (which conflict with each other), reviewed our equipment needs and analyzed our routes and schedules for yard waste pick up.  We will be bringing a recommended plan for changes regarding yard waste to you in the next couple of months.
For right now, the problem is the backlog of yard waste piles.  Starting Monday June 15th we will be consolidating our resources between the Public Works Department and the Public Utilities Department to focus our efforts on eliminating the backlog.  We have split the town up into three zones and we will place a crew in each zone.  The crew will include a dump truck or military unit, a backhoe and follow up staff.  We have strategically placed 40 yard roll off waste containers in each zone and will have Waste Industries pulling full units and providing fresh units throughout the day.  Once we have completed operation “Clean Sweep” we expect to be able to maintain the regular calls for service and keep the yard waste collected.  We intend on under promising and over delivering.  Worst case it will take two weeks, Best case it will take a week to collect the entire back log.
Thank you for asking about our plans.  If you have other questions please let me know.


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