Police Advisory Committee Favors One-Way Streets On North End

Police Advisory Committee Favors One-Way Streets On North End Featured

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CAROLINA BEACH - The Carolina Beach Police Advisory Committee recently discussed traffic on the North End of Carolina Beach, specifically Canal Drive, Carolina Beach Avenue North and all cross streets in between.
According to Town Manager Michael Cramer, the committee reviewed issues with traffic and parking patterns on streets connecting between Canal Drive and Carolina Beach Avenue North and recommended an alternating one-way street configuration that was previously adopted by the Council in 2003.
Cramer explained, "Last week at the Police Advisory Committee meeting the committee discussed two critical issues related to traffic. The first issue was the related to the residential streets on the North End between Canal and Carolina Beach North. Over the years we have had a significant issue with the traffic pattern and parking on these streets.  In February 11, 2003 the Town Council approved a change to the ordinance related to one way streets and created alternating one way streets on all residential streets between Canal and
Carolina Beach North and meter on-street parking created by the traffic pattern change. Although the change was made in our ordinance it was never implemented on street."
Cramer explained, "The Police Advisory Committee reviewed this issue and made a motion recommending that council implement
the alternating one way street configuration adopted in 2003.  Town Staff is reviewing the size, condition and street access characteristics and will bring the information and the Police Advisory Committee recommendation to council by the end of August."
Local resident Fred Grady said he likes the idea adding that, "We definitely need more parking for tourists" to enjoy the beach because
public parking in those areas is limited.
Committee member Tom Bridges said there are issues with people parking along the sides of short streets that connect Canal Drive to Carolina Beach Avenue North. Using an new design with streets going one-way alternating direction for each street would help alleviate issues by limiting parking to one side of the street. Those areas are not currently marked for public
parking, but in the busy summer months cars line the streets causing concern for area residents.
The issue first came up in 2002 during a project to replace sewer lines on Canal Drive and Carolina Beach Avenue North.
During that project two way traffic was permitted on Carolina Beach Avenue North. Once the project was completed, some residents wanted the road returned to a one-way street. During a study of traffic in that area, the Council considered making every other side street one-way in opposite directions.


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