Town Begins New Yard Waste Debris Pickup Schedule

Town Begins New Yard Waste Debris Pickup Schedule Featured

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CAROLINA BEACH - The Carolina Beach Town Council voted at their September 8th, meeting to change the way the Town collects vegetative yard debris.
On November 2nd, the Town began picking up debris in Zone One of the four zones throughout Town. Zone One covers the area between Alabama Avenue and just south of the Carolina Sands neighborhood on South Lake Park Blvd.
Previously the Town permitted one free pickup of yard debris  per quarter equal to about one cubic yard or whatever they can fit in one load in a pickup truck. There was no limit on the size of branches for diameter or length.
According to Assistant Town Manager Ed Parvin, some of the issues with the previous policy were:
1. Additional human resources are needed to keep up with the seasonal workload.
2. Confusion by staff on what constitutes an acceptable free pick up (one per quarter, one larger pick up every 6 months, what should the charge be for different pickups).
3. Inconsistency in policy and practice.
4. No predictability on pick up for the resident.
5. Unclear changes/subjective or inconsistent with Town Code.
6. Not everyone calls in their trash.
7. Man power per year exceed $200,000.
The previous fees for yard debris pickup were:
- Dump Truck Load:  $100.00
- Pick Up Truck Load of Brush or Debris:  $60.00
- Anything less than Pick Up Truck Load of Brush or Debris:  $40.00
Fees for household debris pickup vary depending on the item. For example, $6.00 for a mattress or box spring, $15 for a couch and up to $40 for a large television.
The Council was presented with four options at their July 27th, meeting and they requested town staff expand upon the preferred alternative option number four by providing more information on how the Town can inform the residents about the new program and follow through with implementation.
Option Four would consist of staff developing specific zones that would be picked up weekly. Every resident would get one free pick up a month with no call in. No yard waste or bulk items would be allowed to be put out on a week other than a resident's designated pickup week. Bulk items would be put out at the same time but for a fee.
According to Assistant Town Manager Ed Parvin, that option provides predictability in yard waste piles. Once the Town educates the public on the new policies they anticipate there will be consistency in how yard waste is placed at the curb. That would allow the Town to plan for logistics of picking up trash with the most efficient number of persons and pieces of equipment.
It would also make pickup time more predictable and give residents more flexibility to use bundles and paper bags.
The option would also clarify the types of bulk items the Town will pick up, enforcement actions and allows for better management of workloads.
However, Option Four could be more costly as the Town is currently only accommodating one pickup per quarter. While there will be flexibility in how yard waste may be placed at the curb, there would be new guidelines on sizes and required containers that residents would have to follow.
In June of this year Cramer addressed Council concerns over a large backlog of yard debris pick ups leaving piles of debris along residential streets.
Cramer explained the backlog was the result of equipment failures including two large backhoes as well as changes at Freeman Park that required more staff time.
Additionally, Cramer said Tropical Storm Ana utilized a majority of Town staff to make beach access areas safe including repairs to wooden walkways and knocking down escarpments on the beach.
Cramer explained, "With the opening of the new boardwalk we have dedicated more resources to maintaining this facility. As you know we have had significant vandalism at the boardwalk and continued to upgrade our services during the spring."
Town crews began working through the backlog of piles on June 15th by working in zones to systematically remove piles of debris and loading them into large containers. The backlog was addressed within a couple of weeks.
The Council approved the option creating zones for debris pickup.
On Thursday September 10th, Parvin explained the previous policy required people to call in to place a work order to get a free pickup once a quarter. The new process is now based on a regular schedule and people just place their debris at the curb side.
He explained the program will begin the first week of November in zone one covering the southern end of Town. He said, "That Sunday night of that first week if you put your
yard debris by the roads edge we will come and pick it up that week."
He said they will have a better idea of scheduling once the program begins. All four zones will be picked up each month.
Parvin said there will be a public education program including materials distributed at local events, flyers in water bills, and sending out emails to citizens and media.
Zone One covers the area between Alabama Avenue and just south of the Carolina Sands neighborhood on South Lake Park Blvd.
Zone Two covers the area of Carolina Sands north to Cape Fear Blvd.
Zone Three covers properties west of Lake Park Blvd from Cape Fear Blvd to Snow's Cut Bridge.
Zone Four covers properties east of Lake Park Blvd and from the Boardwalk north to the end of Canal Drive and Carolina Beach Avenue North.
Other aspects of the change include:
• The Town will remove yard waste free of charge from the illustrated zones during the designated time periods.
• No call in for yard waste removal is needed for this scheduled pickup.
• Debris must be placed curb side on the Sunday night prior to your designated week. Once Operations has begun picking up in the designated zone there will be no additional pickup available until the following month. Special pickups are available upon request for an additional charge.
• Branches need to be in 4’ bundles with no limbs larger than 6” in diameter.
• Small debris, such as leaves, should be paper bagged.
• Each bundle or paper bag must weigh less than 50 lbs.
• The combination of bundles and paper bags should not exceed 3 cubic yards in size.
• Any debris left curb side after pickup has occurred during the designated week, or during non-designated weeks, will be subject to a charge.
For any questions or concerns, please call Operations at 910-458-8291, or see Town website.


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