Unofficial Results For New Hanover County Municipal Elections

Unofficial Results For New Hanover County Municipal Elections Featured

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Candidates for Mayor of Kure Beach. Incumbent Mayor Dean Lambeth and Council member Emilie Swearingen at the October 21st, candidates forum. Swearingen won election as Mayor Tuesday night.

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NEW HANOVER CTY - The only two races for Mayor in New Hanover County were decided Tuesday night with Carolina Beach Mayor Dan Wilcox wining reelection over challenger Bob Lewis by over 200 votes. In Kure Beach, Council member Emilie Swearingen won election as Mayor over incumbent Mayor Dean Lambeth.

Carolina Beach:
Mayor: (i) for incument.
Dan Wilcox: (i) 850
Bob Lewis: 574
Write-In: 9
Steve Shuttleworth: (i) 754
Tom Bridges: 677
Tammy J. Hanson: 358
Tom Elicson: 346
Lonnie Lashley: 260
Patrick O. Boykin: 141
Sarah Friede: (i) 80
Steve Wright: 42
T. D. Scaringi    : 20
Write-In: 17

Kure Beach:
Emilie Swearingen: 329
Dean Lambeth: (i) 275
Write-In: 1
David Heglar: (i) 449
Joseph Whitley: 370
John Ellen: 167
Write-In: 16

Mayor: No contest.
Bill Saffo: (i) 5,700
Write-In: 317
Council: Three seats
Margaret Haynes: (i) 4,081
Neil Anderson: (i) 3,076
Paul Lawler: 2,960
Deb Hays: 2,872
Hollis B. Briggs, Jr.: 2,373
Frank J. Madonna: 1,486
Alvin Rogers: 790
John Presswood: 568
Write-In: 73

Wrightsville Beach
Mayor: No contest.
Bill Blair: (i) 241
Write-In: 12
Council: No contest
Darryl Mills: (i) 231
Elizabeth King: (i) 222
Write-In: 24

The deadline for Military/Overseas Absentee Ballots is November 9th. The Board of Elections Canvass for the 2015 Municipal Election will take place on Tuesday, November 10th at 11AM after which the results will become official.
In Carolina Beach, Mayor Dan Wilcox got 850 votes to Bob Lewis' 574. After the results were tallied, Lewis said, "I want to congratulate Dan. That's how the people voted. I don't dislike Dan, he's a nice guy and we have our different opinions on various things but have worked together in the past."
Lewis said, "I congratulate Dan, Steve Shuttleworth and Tom Bridges. They will go back to work and I'll keep working with the Island Men Group and local charities" including the annual Dragon Boat Regatta to benefit Step Up For Soldiers.
He said, "We ran a great race and came up short. That's how it works out sometimes."
Mayor Wilcox commented Tuesday night that he thanked everyone who participated in the election process including candidates and voters. He said he plans to get back to work the Wednesday and continue working on infrastructure improvements and many other issues the Council has been working on over the last couple of years.
Steve Shuttleworth thanked all of the candidates and voters for participating in the election process and said he looks forward to getting back to work on issues like beach nourishment, the boardwalk extension and infrastructure improvements. Feeling great about his reelection, he added, "I've got to start keeping my campaign promises. I promised better waves, cheaper Britt's Donuts, longer hours, a bulkhead on the lake. I've got a lot of promises to keep."
On a serious note, Shuttleworth said, "I'm gratified and humbled to be reelected and have an opportunity to serve our town for another four years. Looking forward to getting some work done. Finish the utility projects. Welcome Tom Bridges on to the Council. I heard loud and clear from voters that water quality seems to be a very top issue."
Tom Bridges said, "I feel real good. You never know in an election. This is first election I've won. So it's a different and a lot better feeling."
He said, "I want to make sure we are continuing to make progress with water, sewer and roads and get infrastructure taken care of. I've been to Council meetings since February so I know what they are doing and pretty much haven't disagreed with the direction they've taken so far. I just want to get in there and give my two cents worth, tweak some things. It's always good to have more ideas, not less, when you are trying to narrow it down to the best choices."
Bridges previously served on Council after being appointed to fill a vacant seat. He sought election in the last election cycle, but was unsuccessful.
Bridges said this time he stepped up his campaign efforts and it paid off. Although, he said knocking on 130 doors in one day last week, mostly condos on the North End, his legs were ready for a little rest the day after spending all day in the rain on Tuesday.
In Kure Beach, incumbent Mayor Dean Lambeth lost his reelection bid to Council member Emilie Swearingen. Lambeth got 275 votes, falling short of Swearingen's 329.
Three names appeared on the ballot for the two council seats. Councilman David Heglar got 449 votes. Joseph Whitley received 370 votes. The third candidate - John Ellen - withdrew from the election early in the campaign season but still received 167 votes.

Mayor Lambeth was contacted via cell phone Tuesday night for comment following the election.
When asked for his reaction and what he thought happened Tuesday, he replied, "You screaming about seismic testing in the newspaper. That's what happened you [expletive deleted] [expletive deleted]. Good bye."
Lambeth ended the call.
His comment had to be censored for publication because it contained foul language.
Another attempt was made to seek comment from Lambeth at the same cell phone number.
He answered and commented, "139 people didn't even vote for Council. My influence with state officials and the feds is gone now because I'm not going to help that [expletive deleted] one bit."
Again, Lambeth ended the call. His comment had to be censored for publication because it contained foul language.

The issue of seismic testing began in 2014 when Lambeth signed a letter supporting seismic testing for off shore oil and gas exploration. That sparked a large protest during a Council meeting and massive public outcry. The Council ultimately was asked by Swearingen to adopt a resolution opposing seismic testing. While many other local governments on the East Coast opposed seismic testing, Kure Beach didn't adopt a resolution in opposition. 
During a candidates forum held October 21st, on the topic of seismic testing, Swearingen said, "There aren't many people in Kure Beach that don't already know I'm opposed to off shore oil. I have spoken before congress twice... in opposition to seismic testing."
Lambeth said, "Seismic testing in and of itself is not that big a deal. It's used to make sure we have compatible sand for nourishing our beaches which we all want. It's used to map the ocean floor... it's used to make sure the proper location for wind farms are applicable."
He said the Obama administration has supported off shore drilling. He said, "I don't particularly care for off shore drilling but seismic testing does not hurt any animal any way and that's what we need recognized."
Swearingen said she brought articles to the forum showing the harm such testing can cause to marine life by using extremely loud blasts of air from devices towed behind ships to bounce the sound off the ocean floor searching for oil and gas deposits. She said, "One way it's used is by our Navy and one judge in California has already forbidden the Navy from using seismic testing off the coast because it is so dangerous" to marine life.
Lambeth has previously stated he supports off shore drilling for oil because it could generate revenues for local governments. He said he relies on the expert testimony of the people using the technology for over 30 years and, "They have never found any animals hurt from this."


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