Police Investigating November 9th Vehicle Break-ins In Carolina Beach

Police Investigating November 9th Vehicle Break-ins In Carolina Beach Featured

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CAROLINA BEACH - Carolina Beach Police are investigating a number of vehicle breaking and entering cases that occurred Monday night November 9th.
According to Detective Scott Hettinger, approximately 20 unlocked vehicles were burglarized Monday night or Tuesday morning in the area of 7th Street, in the Olde Mariners Village subdivision, south to Charlotte and Monroe Avenues. He said valuables and money were taken and reports continued coming in throughout the day as people began leaving for work and other travels. He said the number of vehicles impacted would likely increase throughout the day as people continued filing reports.
Hettinger said if anyone has any information to please contact the Police Department at 910-458-2540.
You can also send them a Facebook message at "Carolina Beach Police Department" or call and leave an anonymous tip.
He said even if someone doesn't feel it's worth filing a report, they should still report it to Police to help detectives determine areas to investigate and potentially discover information that can lead to an arrest.
Hettinger said, "People should secure their vehicles and never leave valuables out in plain sight." He said, "We also had a couple of cases over the weekend off Saint Joseph Street" they are still investigating.
Jasmine Mckee of the Island Gazette said Tuesday morning, "Car was ransacked last night. 99% my fault for leaving my door
unlocked after a late night grocery run. Thanks for the life lesson thief and thank you to the CBPD for your quick response!"
Several people commented online Tuesday when they went to their vehicles they found compartments open with items tossed throughout the vehicle. Most reported money was stolen while others pointed out items such as electronics were left in the vehicle.
Mckee explained, "No damage. Just everything from every compartment strung all over. It was a mess and just violating. Made me feel weak for a minute and
I don't like that feeling. But I'm pumped back up. Things could have been much worse...especially if I had caught them."
Jan Lutz commented, "They got our car last night too. Same as you, nothing missing, just a big mess left behind. It is a horrible feeling."
Heather Griffin commented, "If I had to guess it was someone looking for cash for their drug habit... nothing was missing out of my car and I had sunglasses and a new DVD player that they didn't take. But man what a mess to have to deal with when you need to be driving to work."
Elizabeth Duna commented, "Same thing happened to my roommate's truck last night. They didn't find anything, but they were trying. Time to lock everything up again."
Christina Dees commented, "The CB police have been busy lately. Our whole neighborhood is locked down after the recent events around our neck of the woods. They actually broke a window and came in our house (while we were sleeping!!). First degree burglary. I hope they find these scum bags and give me a moment alone with them. Don't mess with mama bear and her cubs, especially when she's expecting a new one!"
Dees said that incident occurred in early October and someone recently made another attempt to get in through the sliding glass door but the alarm scared the criminal off.
Julie Johnson commented, "They hit Charlotte Avenue to. Mine, all our neighbors all the unlocked cars ransacked. Idiots. Got my change
but really? I just told my daughter visiting from PA, we didn't lock cars it was safe. Glad she still locked hers. They'd have hit pay dirt there."
Another resident said their neighbor saw someone suspicious and called the police early Tuesday morning. They said it was one kid dressed in all black with a backpack.
Another resident reported a neighbor saw someone fitting the same description around 5AM Tuesday morning in the area of Monroe Avenue.
Jeremy Linquist commented, "Island Palms Dr. was hit to. We were also hit around this time last year as well. Our cars were locked but there were a few on the street that were not so lucky. Looks like it's time to install motion lights."


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