Carolina Beach To Consider Land Purchases For Operations Dept.

Carolina Beach To Consider Land Purchases For Operations Dept. Featured

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CAROLINA BEACH  - The Carolina Beach Town Council will consider purchasing and leasing several properties at their upcoming October 14th, meeting to serve their Operations Department. The Council will consider purchasing properties at 1317 and 1313 Bridge Barrier Road and entering into a lease with an option to purchase land at 110 S. Dow Road.
According to Town Manager Michael Cramer, during the Council's discussions at their September 9, 2014 meeting, Mayor Pro Tem LeAnn Pierce recommended the following motion: “MPT Pierce made a motion to authorize the town manager to enter into a four year lease/purchase for the Dow Road property also known as the Conlon property based on details outlined in the property broker’s most recent emails with engineering acceptable drawings and design and bring that back to council. Proceed with the purchase of 1313 Bridge Barrier Road and negotiate the Eason property at 1317 Bridge Barrier for a lease/option to purchase. Determine how Bridge Barrier Road properties can be used with minimal noise issues. Develop plans and procedures to freeze fish at the marina. Develop plans to construct proposed operations facility on the lot at the rear of town hall. Lease an office trailer and locate it in that area to house workers and restore the police training room. The lay down yard would be at Bridge Barrier. Research ideas to use a chipper to process yard wastes versus hauling it away and. Act on this as quickly as possible as good planning will allow.”
The motion passed with a 3-2 vote. In order to implement this motion the Town Manager requests that council approve the attached resolutions and budget adjustment.
The Town opened a waste transfer station at 1313 Bridge Barrier Road earlier this year. Since that time the neighbors have complained about loud noise and foul smelling odors generated by the station located adjacent to homes and the Carolina Beach Post Office.
The property at 110 S. Dow Road would serve as a new home for the waste transfer station surrounded by undeveloped land and a neighboring storage facility.
The land at 1317 Bridge Barrier Road has one building on the property that could serve as a work-area for Operations employees.
1313 Bridge Barrier Road would be converted to a materials storage yard and area to deal with vegetative yard debris disposal perhaps using a chipper to create mulch.
The trailer would be located behind Town Hall adjacent to an existing parking area and nearby residential neighborhood of Olde Mariner's Village until a new building can be designed and approved by Town Council to serve as offices for the Operations Department staff. An area adjacent to the rear property lines of homes in Olde Mariner's Village would be enclosed with a fence to provide an area for storage of various items and equipment.
Currently the Town is leasing space at the old Federal Point Shopping Center on North Lake Park Blvd. That space would be vacated.
The Operations Department offices are currently located in the converted Police Training Room.
Those offices would be relocated to the trailer and the Training Room restored to its original state for Police Department use.
The Operations Department had to relocate to the Training Room and space at the shopping center in recent years after the U.S. Army told the Town it was in violation of a 1970's lease that only permitted the Town to use the military land for a waste water treatment plant and associated uses. That didn't include a vehicle service garage, storage, waste transfer station and other uses the Army said had to be removed. That included offices within a double-wide trailer the Town had located on the property.
The purchase of 1317 Bridge Barrier Road for use as a municipal storage facility would cost $212,000. The purchase of 1313 Bridge Barrier Road would cost $260,000.
For the property at 110 Dow Road, the annual lease would be $19,200.00 and increase by $600 per year. The lease term is November 1, 2014 and shall end at midnight on October 31, 2018. The Town will pay $23,625.00 for the option to purchase the property at the end of the lease for $315,000.00.
The Council will consider acquiring the three properties at their October 14th, meeting at 6:30PM at Town Hall.


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