Eight Second Traffic Light At Harper and Cape Fear Blvd.

Eight Second Traffic Light At Harper and Cape Fear Blvd. Featured

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UPDATE: November 14th, 2014: The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) responded to a request from the Island Gazette regarding the short green light at Lake Park Blvd and Cape Fear Blvd. Here is the response from NCDOT:

Thank you for contacting the Department on this subject. We have inspected this intersection and found that the detector loops on Cape Fear Boulevard are damaged. It is believe that this was due to work done under an encroachment agreement, which requires the requesting party to repair any damaged loops. We have contacted the District Office to determine who we need to contact to have this addressed.

Since the side street loops are damaged, it is running in recall mode and only giving vehicles the minimum green time. This is due to the signal not being able to detect if vehicles are still driving through the intersection and the minimum green is used to avoid unnecessary delay on the main drag, US 421. In the meantime, we have increased the minimum green time to 15 seconds so that vehicles on Cape Fear Boulevard to alleviate some of the concerns.

We will be continuing to pursue the repair of the loops and will adjust the timing again at that point. Please let us know if you have any questions or need additional information at this time. Thanks again!"

CAROLINA BEACH - The stop light at the intersection of Cape Fear Blvd and Lake Park Blvd in Carolina Beach is quick changing to green and back to read within eight seconds.
That's just barely enough time for one car to turn left before the light changes back to yellow and then red. Add pedestrians using the crosswalks and drivers often find themselves in the middle of the intersection under a red light.
When asked whether or not the Town will address the speedy light change with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), Carolina Beach Police Chief Ken Hinkle explained, "Yes I have noticed the timing off as well. Sunday I observed that 4 vehicles can turn form Cape Fear. Seems like a short light. I know NCDOT tries to keep the flow of traffic north and south running especially during the tourist season which may not be the fit year round. I will call George today at NCDOT and try to get some information."
Town Manager Michael Cramer explained Tuesday November 4th, "We do not control the signal lights on Lake Park.  All of those lights are managed by NCDOT.  I have mentioned it to them in the past and will mention it again."
The Island Gazette posted a video of the intersection online and asked readers to comment on the subject.
The question was, "Do you think the light at the intersection of Cape Fear Blvd and Lake Park Blvd is too fast at around 7 to 8 seconds?"
Many people commented the light was too quick to change.
Jill Shoffner commented, "Way too short! If you have to wait for an oncoming car before you make a left turn the light changes while you're in the intersection."
Lori Bowles commented, "It's ridiculous!"
Debra LeCompte explained, "Way too short! If there are pedestrians in crosswalk it changes before one car can turn. And, it holds red forever, even when there is no opposing traffic."
Harry Gierszewski explained, "Summer is over and time to change that light."
Jeremy Whitby commented, "It wasn't always like this. It used to change quicker and stayed green longer. It's been like this for a while now and it needs to be changed."
Joda Bennett explained, "Yes, turning from cape fear onto 421 is 3 cars max, if there are no pedestrians. Ridiculous for wintertime."
Greg Reynolds commented, "Yes. It only takes one typical slow pedestrian and you can't get through the light even when you are the only car."
Kris Friend explained, "Much too fast for a car and a pedestrian. It makes the cars speed up to "make" the light. They don't look for others on the road, just how fast the light changes."


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