Carolina Beach Promoting Grease Lid Use During Holiday Season

Carolina Beach Promoting Grease Lid Use During Holiday Season Featured

By / Local News / Tuesday, 18 November 2014 05:00

CAROLINA BEACH - The Town of Carolina Beach is urging residents to pay special attention to proper disposal of grease during the holiday season. They are providing "grease lids" that can placed on top of soups cans to hold grease until it's cooled to a solid state and can be disposed of in the trashcan. The lids are available for free at Town Hall. Call 910-458-2999.
It's a good practice throughout the year, but during the holiday season when many families are cooking meals for large gatherings, disposing of grease properly can prevent serious situations that could ruin a home and cost taxpayer dollars for sewer line maintenance.
People often make the mistake of pouring fats, oils and grease down the kitchen drain after cooking meals. People don't understand those liquid substances begin to cool and harden into a mass that can block pipes and the sewer system in their neighborhood. Also, those solids cause an additional financial burden for all customers of a utility because it demands more processing at the treatment plant and can have a negative impact on sewer pumps and other equipment.
Clogs from these fats, oils and grease can cause blockages that lead to sewer spills impacting the environment and sewage backing up into homes.
The grease lid is a simple method to properly dispose of these substances and fits on used cans of vegetables, soups, dog food and other canned goods.
Keep the empty cans handy and when finished cooking a meal, pour the grease into a can. Once it cools and is solid, take the lid off and throw away the can.
Gil Dubois  - Public Utilities Director - for the Town said the Town has been working on addressing grease in lines including better management of grease trap requirements for area restaurants.
Residential issues often crop up following holiday weekends. For example, in the summer after a July 4th holiday, people who had a fish fry will put grease down the drain. A lot of people doing the same thing can lead to back ups in certain areas of Town.
The same applies following Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays when people cook larger amounts of food containing fat, oil and grease.
In January 2014, the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority (CFPUA) announced its campaign to keep fats, oils and grease (FOG) out of our customers’ pipes and CFPUA’s sewer system. 
More than 5,000 blue, plastic can lids became available to CFPUA’s customers at the Authority’s Customer Service offices:  235 Government Center Drive and 305 Chestnut Street in Wilmington. The lid launch was based upon the success of CFPUA’s FatTrapper© program, which handed out more than 1,300 fat-collection containers to customers. Even if they were just used once, the FatTrappers kept an estimated 60,000-plus ounces of fats, oils and grease out of our customers’ pipes and the CFPUA sewer system.
“Sometimes the simplest ideas can have the greatest impact.  When clogs occur, they not only cause a tremendous inconvenience for our customers but also have a negative impact on our environment.  By using the lids to collect fats, oils and grease, thousands of our customers can safely and easily help us take care of our sewer system,” said Jim Flechtner, CFPUA Executive Director.


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