Re-Entry Permit Price To Increase After June 1st In Carolina Beach

Re-Entry Permit Price To Increase After June 1st In Carolina Beach

Re-Entry Permit Price To Increase After June 1st In Carolina Beach Featured

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CAROLINA BEACH - The deadline to purchase a Re-Entry Permit to return to Carolina Beach following a disaster such as a hurricane is June 1st.

Currently the cost is $20 for parking decal and re-entry permit combo, and $2.00 for just the re-entry permit. After June 1st, the cost will be $30 for parking decal and re-entry permit combo, and $12.00 for re-entry permit only.

Before 2016 the Town of Carolina Beach issued Vehicle Identification (VID) Decals to residents and property owners  that permitted reentry into Town following a hurricane or natural disaster.

In 2016, the decal program was replaced by Town Identification Cards (TICs).

Following issues with the TIC card program in the wake of Hurricane Florence in September 2018, the Town decided to switch back to using decals for re-entry permits on January 1, 2019.

The Town Council first approved using the TIC cards  during their November 1st, 2016 meeting. At the time former Town Manager Michael Cramer recommended eliminating the long-standing Vehicle Identification Decal program and replacing it with the Emergency Identification Card program. The decal program allowed residents, property owners and business owners to purchase a Vehicle Identification Decal (VID) to be placed on their vehicle. That served as a vehicle tax and a way to identify people returning to the island following a disaster such as a hurricane when access is only permitted for residents and business owners.

The Emergency Identification Card Program was issued to the person, not a vehicle and looked similar to a plastic library or insurance card with a barcode that could be scanned by law enforcement or other town personnel.

In November 2016, Cramer said the VID decal, "program is intended as a way for the town to efficiently and effectively allow the re-entry of property owners and residents to return to the island once evacuated during an emergency. Due to continual issues with the administration of the program the town has reviewed the topic and benchmarked our program against others in the area."

As Hurricane Florence approached the North Carolina Coast, the Town was overwhelmed by people waiting for hours in line at Town Hall to obtain their TIC cards and ultimately ran out of materials to print new cards forcing officials to print make-shift cards on sheets of printer paper.

That situation combined with other complications caused Town officials to reconsider the TIC card program.

The 2019 Resident Parking Decal will serve as a re-entry permit after a mandatory evacuation in 2019. At this time, there is not a separate re-entry permit for agents or caretakers. Town Council approved the ordinance change affecting the process of re-entry at their February 12th meeting.

To obtain a Parking Decal, visit or Town Hall at 1121 N. Lake Park Blvd. Or call 910-458-2999.


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