Town Defines Parking Space Length: Preparing To Begin Enforcement

Town Defines Parking Space Length: Preparing To Begin Enforcement

Town Defines Parking Space Length: Preparing To Begin Enforcement Featured

By / Local News / Tuesday, 20 August 2019 16:36

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CAROLINA BEACH - The next time you park along Lake Park Blvd in downtown Carolina Beach, make sure your vehicle fits within the space. The Town of Carolina Beach will soon begin writing tickets for violations.

This is not the result of a new parking ordinance, the law has been on the books for many years. A vehicle must park within the lines designating a public on-street parking space and can not extend beyond that space. Also, larger vehicles can not pull up on to a sidewalk in order  to comply with the law.

The Town recently painted lines across the back of parking spaces which clearly mark the boundaries. Signs have also been erected informing drivers not to exceed the limits of a parking space.

According to Town officials, to address hazardous and unsafe driving conditions, the Town recently changed parking regulations for some of the downtown spaces.

Signs have been posted and the lines have been painted designating which spots now have vehicle size restrictions.

For example, on Cape Fear Blvd, the metered 2-hour spaces near the intersection with Lake Park Blvd are marked as "Compact Car Only". Also, the parking spaces on Lake Park Blvd between Harper Avenue and Cape Fear Blvd have been painted and signs have been erected indicating vehicles must fit completely in the space.

Only vehicles that fit completely within a defined space, from front to back, including any accessories such as hitches, ladders, etc, may park in a defined space. Any vehicle, or accessories that extend outside of a defined space, and the owner should look for another space or risk getting a $30 ticket.

Sheila Nicholson - Administrative Assistant to the Town Manager - explained Tuesday, "Also, please note that pulling up onto a sidewalk in order to fit the back end of a vehicle into a parking space is not allowed.  A vehicle must fit completely in the defined space, front and back. Remember…if it fits, its legit; over the line, pay the fine."

The Town's code of ordinances already states it is illegal for vehicle, "Protrusion beyond designated parking space" and, "Vehicles parked so as to obstruct sidewalk, private driveway, crosswalk, or bike lanes."


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