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Know the Ocean and Its Hazards

Before visiting any of or beautiful area beaches please know the power of the ocean. Do not take it for granted. Pay attention to the flags and signals form lifeguards. They are trained to alert you if there are dangerous rip currents or other hazards present in the water. There are several ways to check ocean conditions before even leaving your home. Know your swimming ability and understand a rip current can sweep even the strongest swimmer out to sea.
Rip currents are the leading surf hazard for all beachgoers. They are particularly dangerous for weak or non-swimmers. Rip current speeds are typically 1-2 feet per second. However, speeds as high as 8 feet per second have been measured-this is faster than an Olympic swimmer can sprint!

Over 100 drownings due to rip currents occur every year in the United States. More than 80% of water rescues on surf beaches are due to rip currents. When Rip Currents Form Under certain wave, tide, and beach profile conditions the speeds can quickly increase to become dangerous to anyone entering the surf. The strength and speed of a rip current will likely increase as wave height and wave period increase. They are most likely to be dangerous during high surf conditions as the wave height and wave period increase. Rip currents most typically form at low spots or breaks in sandbars, and also near structures such as groins, jetties and piers. Rip currents can be very narrow or extend in widths to hundreds of yards.
Always let a lifeguard make a rip current rescue, because often, the people that try to make rescues themselves end up being the ones who drown. Instead, the best way to help is to throw them something that floats and immediately get a lifeguard for help.
How to Survive a Rip Current:
- Don't fight the current. It's a natural treadmill that travels an average speed of 1-2 feet per second, but has been measured as fast as 8 feet per second—faster than an Olympic swimmer.
- Relax and float to conserve energy. Staying calm may save your life.
- Do NOT try to swim directly into to shore. Swim parallel to the shoreline until you escape the current's pull. When free from the pull of the current, swim at an angle away from the current toward shore.
- If you feel you can't reach shore, relax, face the shore, and call or wave for help. Remember: Wave and yell...swim parallel.


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Green Doesn’t Always Mean Go

As the warmer weather sets in, area schools are released for the Summer and families flock to the area for a much needed vacation take the time for an extra pause at intersections. Make sure you are watching for the flashing lights indicating pedestrians are crossing as you approach crosswalks. Just slow down, there is nowhere else you need to be that bad that can cause an accident or quite possibly take a life. Just 2 years ago one-year-old Cora was struck while crossing the intersection at Cape Fear and Lake Park Boulevard taking her life and injuring her grandmother.  The driver had a green light but failed to yield to the pedestrians who were in the crosswalk while turning she struck them both. The driver plead guilty to misdemeanor death by motor vehicle and was conditionally discharged however has to live with what happened for the rest of her life. Later that that year the NCDOT came and met with officials from the Town of Carolina Beach on at the same intersection to discuss improving safety along Lake Park Boulevard at various locations. Stonewall Davis Mathis, PE - NCDOT Division 3 Deputy Division Traffic Engineer, explained in an email to Town officials that in response to the fatality in that intersection they are were considering numerous options that were later never implemented.

As a local we train our kids to not just “go” when the crosswalk indicates to. As a mom of five it’s hard to even give my children the freedom to go out on their own at times because drivers do not pay attention to pedestrians especially at the Harper Avenue and Cape Fear Boulevard intersections. Drivers fly through crosswalk with entire families attempting to cross, lights flashing and all. This past Wednesday while delivering Gazettes I saw a friendly face, local surfer Oliver Clevland who was patiently waiting to cross Hamlet Avenue on his bike, giant surfboard in toe, lights flashing so I stopped, oncoming traffic stopped but an approaching driver did not appreciate I was stopped and decided to aggressively pass me in the turning lane almost striking the teen which inspired this week’s editorial.

Pedestrians and bikers, please do not be complacent at a crosswalk. Stay aware and never count on a driver stopping or that the oncoming traffic will. Have a great Summer, be safe and checkout The Island Greenway System, a network of off-street trails, parks and scenic areas linked together with designated bike/pedestrian routes on our existing streets. The routes have been chosen for their safety, beauty and convenience. 

Plans were to write a real easy editorial gearing up for Independence Day celebrations, firework safety and getting your pets prepared for loud noises but then the Island Gazette received a Press Release from the Carolina Beach Police Department involving the sexual assault on a 14 year old. I will let the report share those details but in finding out about those events I found the prevalence of teen and child sexual assault is difficult to measure because often it goes unreported.

However data shows this; 66% of rape victims under the age of 18 are 12 to 17. Females ages 16-19 are 4 times more likely than the general population to be victims of rape, attempted rape, or sexual assault. 43.6% of girls were victimized by an acquaintance. Teenagers account for 51% of all reported sexual abuse and 23% of all sexual offenders are under the age of 18. In North Carolina alone statewide rape cases were up 33.8% in 2019.

Families; now is the time for the conversation with your children, teen and/ or young adult. There are tons of great resources to help spark the conversation including the Nation Institute of Justice’s Program “Shifting Boundaries,” the book, “Safe Dates,” the CDC has tons of technical packages that can be downloaded for free from their website and www.rainn.org has tons of ways to spark the conversation with both kids and young adult.

As a mom of five I know the conversation is difficult and uncomfortable to have have but a necessity for young men and women. Please talk about the dangers of putting yourself in bad situations and the ramifications crimes like rape and assault have for the rest of your life. 

Statistics have been compiled from RAINN, the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, is the nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization. The National Sexual Assault Hotline is available over the phone and via online chat. Call 800.656.HOPE to reach a local sexual assault service provider near you. Visit online.rainn.org to chat with a trained RAINN support specialist. For help in Spanish, visit rainn.org/es.

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Wants Over Needs

The Island is growing everyday, new homes, new faces and most of all new opinions. With that comes lots of different “wants.” Splash pads, swimming pools, parking decks, piers, bowling allies just to name a few are echoed daily amongst residents and visitors alike. All of those things come with a price tag, even with grants the upkeep and future financial burden always falls on the taxpayer.

But what about the needs; the need for better streets, the need for less flooding, the need for smarter growth, the need for decent tap water, the need for tactical spending? The deadline to sign up for Carolina and Kure Beach Council will end Friday, July 16th. Voters I urge you to take the time to research your candidates; think about what you would like to see for the future, is the candidate qualified or even really committed. Follow projects, planning and budgets being made in your community! Stay involved, attend or watch meetings, ask questions and be the best advocate for the place you are lucky enough to call home. Carolina Beach incumbents will not re-run for election and residents are faced with filling those positions and in Kure Beach all 3 incumbents will run for re-election but time will tell if they will run again unopposed! As of press time, in filing order Allen Oliver Kure Beach Commissioner Candidate, Deb LeCompte Carolina Beach Council Member Candidate, Lynn Barbee Carolina Beach Mayor Candidate, Craig Bloszinsky Kure Beach Mayor Candidate, John Ellen Kure Beach Commissioner Candidate, Vincent Losito Carolina Beach Council Member Candidate and Mike Hoffer Carolina Beach Council Member have officially filled with the New Hanover County Board of Elections.



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New Hanover County School Board

New Hanover County School Board held their regular monthly meeting last week that ended in an unruly mess from both the school board and audience. The hammering of the gavel in an attempt to gain control of the crowd was unproductive. In the end the meeting was forced to continue this past Tuesday via zoom, which ran a lot smoother. Hot topics are the introduction to Critical Race Theory in upper level History classes, masks, the removal of suspension in elementary age students and the name changing of Laney Stadium.

Dr. Faust shared last night that the Critical Race Theory curriculum that was being shared by the media was not the same as what they are seeing. If anyone could find such items, “white privilege” “gender neutral” they would investigate further that was not what they were seeing.  Social studies at the Elementary level would only change on the second grade level from a global focus to foundational American History, no major changes in Middle School and at the High School level World History will start at 1200 CE. The board and Dr. Faust say we as parents are only hearing about the most extreme doctrines of CRT and our educators are prepared for the new standards. The new North Carolina Standards will stay in place in New Hanover County.

So what to expect when returning to school? 5 days a week in-person instruction for every student. Full extra-curricular activities and athletic programs. Normal bus routes. Free breakfast and free lunch for every student at every school. Full Special Education; English as a Second Language (ESL); Career and Technical Education program offerings; and arts enrichment programs.

At this time, we will continue to follow guidance from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services on face masks. We know that wearing a cloth face covering is one of the best tools we have for reducing the spread of COVID-19. In accordance with Executive Order 209, face coverings are required indoors for all students ages 5 and up, teachers, staff, and adult visitors. They are also required while traveling on buses or other school transportation vehicles. Face coverings are recommended outdoors when individuals are unable to social distance at least 6 ft apart from others.

No, daily symptom screenings are no longer recommended for all schools by the Centers for Disease Control. However, parents and caregivers are encouraged to monitor children for symptoms and students who are sick should not attend school in-person. 

There is no required minimum physical distancing under Plan A, or full-time in-person instruction. We will continue to focus on minimizing contact through cloth face coverings, and keeping hands washed and surfaces clean.

Whether you have a student in New Hanover County School’s or not the actions of from the Elected school board impact everyone’s future and should be important to all voters.

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, N.C. – Cape Fear Museum of History and Science announces the opening of Sun, Earth, Universe, an engaging and interactive museum exhibition about Earth and space science.

How is Earth changing? What is it like on other planets? Does life exist beyond Earth? What’s happening on the Sun, and how does it affect us? Sun, Earth, Universe is a new exhibition about planet Earth, the solar system, and the universe, and the big questions NASA is trying to answer about each. Packed with engaging, hands-on interactive exhibits and dazzling imagery, this exhibition will connect visitors with current NASA science research and launch them on a journey to explore the universe!

Sun, Earth, Universe includes fun and compelling interactive activities for visitors of all ages:

  • Follow the design-build-test cycle of engineering and build a model spacecraft for a mission to space.
  • Spin a tumbler of 10,000 beads, representing all the stars seen from Earth to search for the unique one that represents the Sun.
  • Reveal hidden images using the same tools NASA scientists employ to explore the otherwise invisible forces and energy of the universe.
  • Take a break in the seating area and play the Your Mission to Space board game.
  • Assist younger visitors pilot rovers across the Mars landscape play table.

These fun experiences (and many more!) introduce visitors to ongoing NASA research in the fields of heliophysics, planetary science, and astrophysics, and encourage discovery of what the future of Earth and space science might hold.

“We are excited to host this bilingual science exhibition at the Museum,” stated science content developer, Dr. Darcie Roten. “The fun interactive nature of the exhibit invites visitors to use creativity and problem-solving skills to understand more about the process of exploring Earth and space.”

The Sun, Earth, Universe exhibition will be on display at Cape Fear Museum as part of a nationwide effort designed to engage audiences in the awe-inspiring fields of Earth and space science through October 24, 2021.

The Sun, Earth, Universe exhibition was created in collaboration with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The Sun, Earth, Universe exhibition was developed by a team led by the Science Museum of Minnesota, and fifty-two copies will be fabricated and distributed nationwide by the National Informal STEM Education Network (NISE Network).

The Sun, Earth, Universe exhibition was developed in collaboration with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Sun, Earth, Universe exhibitions are developed and distributed nationwide by the National Informal STEM Education Network (NISE Network). This material is based upon work supported by NASA under cooperative agreement award number NNX16AC67A and 80NSSC18M0061. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the view of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

About the NISE Network
The National Informal STEM Education Network (NISE Network) is a national community of informal educators and scientists dedicated to fostering public awareness, engagement, and understanding of current science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). More about the exhibition http://www.nisenet.org/sunearthuniverse


Monday, September 20: 7:30 – 9:00 pm. John Moseley of the Fort Fisher State Historic Site will talk on the WASPs (Women’s Air Service Pilots)  and the role they played in the training of the men stationed at Fort Fisher during WWII, where they learned to shoot anti-aircraft artillery.
Monday, October 18: 7:30 – 9:00 pm. Using his book, The Life and Tryals of the Gentleman Pirate, Major Stede Bonnet as a backdrop, author Jeremy Moss will re-create the life and times of some of history’s most famous pirates, including the infamous Blackbeard.

Saturday, November 6: 2:00 – 4:00 pm: Historian Chris Fonvielle, will lead our annual walk to view the remnants of the Civil War trenches that can still be seen in Carolina Beach. This year we will begin at the J. Ryder Lewis Jr. Civil War Park and then hike from the History Center to Sugar Loaf in the Carolina Beach State Park. For reservations call: 910-458-0502

Monday, November 15: 7:30 – 9:00 pm. John Bennett and musical friends will play 19th Century music and talk about music and dance in the culture of the time. They will play a mix of the most popular tunes from the mid 1800’s.


Located walking distance from the Carolina Beach Municpal Docks, Nollie's Taco Joint is a place for great appetizers, fresh tacos, burritos, salads, quesadillas, cold brew, signature drinks and friendly service! Start with an appetizer and choose from 3 different types of homemade salsas, freshly made guacamole, fresh tortilla chips or delicious quesadillas. Entrees include tacos where you can pick your choice of shell and fillings or choose one of their signature items like the Al Pastor, Taco Pescado, Tofu Taco or the Classic Gringo. Make any signature taco a huge hearty grilled burrito or try the Pescado or Carne with your choice of beans and rice filling! You can also make any taco a salad, featuring mixed greens with a giant crispy shell topped with Nollie’s signature Chile Lime Rancho dressing! The drink menu spans from classic brews to new bold crafts and traditional Sangrias and Mimosas!  Nollie’s Taco Joint is located at #3 Peilcan Lane in Carolina Beach right beside the Scotchman at the Carolina Beach Municipal Docks. They can be reached by calling (910)707-0455 and you can find them online at www.nolliescb.com or by following “Nollie's Taco Joint” on Facebook

While you’re enjoying the area’s scenic coastlines and tranquil beaches this year, don’t forget to take a break from the sun and sand for an experience at Michael’s Seafood Restaurant. “Our award winning seafood and festive atmosphere combine to offer a great dining experience for the whole family!” Are you a local or visitor staying on Pleasure Island? Keep your parking spot! Let us worry about the traffic! Have another cocktail? FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE. Call to reserve your spot. Cheers!

Captain M's Seafood Chowder wins 1st place in the 2011 Great Chowder Cook Off, seafood chowder division! “As people who ate chowder at the Mooring and The Black Pearl for over 20 years, I can't believe you won the Cook-off in Newport with Rhode Island judges. Your chowder had to have been twice as good to win - it is! Congratulations, Captain M's chowder is the best.”   - Tom and Hazel Jones.

Michael’s Seafood Restaurant can also cater your special event. The vast menu is ideal for any of your off-site catering needs. “Meeting your needs is our number 1 priority, so, we will customize anything we can to please you and your guests. Our goal is to make your party an event that you will be proud of. If you need any additional information, please feel free to contact us. Again, thank you for considering Michael’s Seafood. We guarantee you will be impressed.”

Michaels Seafood is located at 1206 North Lake Park Boulevard, Suite A, in Carolina Beach. For more information feel free to call them at, (910) 458-7761. 
You can visit their website at www.mikescfood.com or check them out on Facebook. If you would like Michael’s to come to you at your house or your place of work, they offer catering services to accommodate any amount of people and a full catering menu is available on their website.


Subway restaurants today announced the biggest changes in the brand's history, making improvements to almost every core menu item and introducing important digital upgrades that elevate the guest experience. The Eat Fresh Refresh arrives in U.S. restaurants nationwide on July 13, and is marked with unprecedented moments, including participating Subway restaurants across the country closing for a Refresh Break and a one million sub sandwich giveaway to encourage people to come see and taste the changes.

Starting on now, the Eat Fresh Refresh comes to life in all U.S. Subway restaurants. The more than 20 menu updates include 11 new and improved ingredients, six all-new or returning sandwiches, and four revamped signature sandwiches. A highlight among the changes are two new fresh-baked breads - Artisan Italian and Hearty Multigrain. Subway worked with a panel of world-class bakers, over two years, to develop the perfect new bread recipes and baking method that makes every sandwich better.

As part of the Eat Fresh Refresh unveil, Subway fans are being asked to take a break from eating their favorite sub on July 12. More than 10,000 Subway restaurants across the country will close at 6:00 p.m. local time for Sandwich Artists to refresh and get ready for the Eat Fresh Refresh launch. When restaurants open on July 13, Subway will give away up to one million free subs from 10:00 am - noon local time. Guests can visit any participating Subway Restaurant and get a free six-inch new Turkey Cali Fresh sub upon request.

"Subway has been serving freshly made, customizable and better-for-you sandwiches for more than 50 years, and we wanted to give our guests more new and improved flavors," said Trevor Haynes, President, North America at Subway. "Our new culinary team is delivering monumental updates to the entire core menu. The Eat Fresh Refresh makes Subway better than ever with freshly made, craveable and delicious sandwiches to excite new and returning guests."

Better and New Menu Items Starting on July 13, guests are able to taste the new menu items in all U.S. Subway restaurants, such as tasty, new sauces, bread and proteins. Stand out ingredients include new deli-thin sliced ham and turkey, hickory-smoked bacon, smashed avocado, award winning, artisan BelGioioso Fresh Mozzarella and a one-of-a-kind, tangy MVP Parmesan Vinaigrette. In addition to the new ingredients, Subway is debuting chef-recommended sandwiches that combine flavors to build the perfect bite, such as the Turkey Cali Fresh, Steak Cali Fresh and All-American Club"

Fan-Favorite Premium 100% Tuna While many of Subway's core protein choices were improved as part of the Eat Fresh Refresh, one ingredient that doesn't need an upgrade is the Subway high-quality, premium tuna. Subway sources tuna from leading global food suppliers that have a reputation for working diligently with food safety and quality experts to ensure consistent, high-quality products at every stage of the supply chain. The 100% wildcaught tuna remains a fan favorite among sub lovers. Enhanced Guest Experience Subway is making the digital ordering experience simpler and more intuitive than ever by meeting guests where they are on the Subway App, Subway.com and through third-party delivery partners. These enhancements provide the same customized and consistent experience found in Subway restaurants. The updated Subway App features a new dashboard, improved ordering flow and insight into out-of-stock items with further updates planned for the fall. In addition, Subway Delivery is rolling out nationwide in select areas and allows guests to place delivery orders through the Subway App and Subway.com, providing seamless access to new and refreshed menu items. Guests visiting Subway in person will find restaurant design refinements and remodels along with Sandwich Artists ready to serve the new menu and offer an improved restaurant experience.

About Subway Restaurants As the world's largest quick service restaurant chain, Subway serves freshly made to order sandwiches, wraps, salads and bowls to millions of guests, across more than 100 countries in nearly 40,000 restaurants every day. Every restaurant is owned and operated by Subway franchisees - a network of more than 20,000 dedicated entrepreneurs and small business owners - who are committed to delivering the best guest experience possible in their local communities.

Subway® is a Registered Trademark of Subway IP LLC. 2020 Subway IP LLC

"At participating restaurants, the first 50 consumers to come in & ask for a free sub will receive a free 6" Turkey Cali Fresh sub. Extras additional. No additional discounts/coupons applied





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