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Feral Because They Have No Place To Call Home...

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Dear Editor,
It takes a lot to make me angry enough to write my feelings to a newspaper.
The article of the woman who didn’t want to be known as a “cat hater” wouldn’t sign her name. She should ask herself why are they cats feral. They are feral because they have no place to call home, no place to sleep, and no food. This necessitates their wandering the neighborhood. If we had no cats, the rats and mice would flourish. The “Friends for Felines” tried to catch them, neuter them, and adopt them to homes. So the next time you see a hungry cat from a feral garage, try to help them. While you are enjoying a good meal in your warm home, provided by a sturdy house, say “There but for the grace of God go I.” They are God’s creatures put on this earth for a reason. –
Clara Lamb,
Carolina Beach, NC


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