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For Your Consideration: DOA

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With our debt growing year after year some of our legislators are now suggesting the Nation needs to have a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.
One would think that any rational person would view this idea as the only logical course, but our government does not seem to operate logically, the same can be said for a good portion of our population when it comes to financial matters.
It would appear that many of us think we can operate as if we had a credit card with no spending limit; this attitude is indicative of a population that has received little or no education in accounting or finance.
Listening to the reasoning given to extend the national debt limit is enough to make anyone with any understanding of the quandary the county is in want to climb the walls.
Extending the debt limit does nothing but put the Nation deeper in debt, which means there is going to be a higher cost involved in extracting us from this dilemma.
The Nation has been running on a credit card far too long, and it has gone through all kinds of machinations in its budgeting to hide the fact that it’s insolvent.
There have been calls by economist to look at some of the countries in the European Union to emphasize what’s waiting for us if we don’t get our house in order.
The view that the disruption being experienced in those nations could not happen here is only denying the plight we have created for ourselves, and yet many seem content to continue the actions that have brought us to this point.
The President has used the analogy that failing to increase the debt limit is like putting a gun to one’s head; that analogy could be extended to playing Russian roulette and finally coming up on the chamber that ends the game.
Our elected officials have played this game too long, and the odds are starting to stack up against the Nation. What makes our representatives think that they were sent to D.C. to feather their nest at the expense of destroying the Nation?
The problem with getting a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution is that it will be harder for elected officials to continue with the games they have been playing; it’s not even clear that the general public would vote for an amendment of this kind, if they realize that many free lunches would have to be discontinued. It is more likely that this amendment would be “dead on arrival” (DOA).
One should be very concerned about our propensity to play this game of Russian roulette; the chamber containing the bullet may be the next one to come up.
Many of our elected officials know that they are going to be caught in the lies that they have been telling us for all these years; there is a strong reluctance to open the books to the public, which will expose their fraudulent actions.
It really should be of no surprise to the electorate if they have really been paying attention to what our elected officials have been doing for generations.
It should be evident to anyone that is paying any attention to the actions of our representatives that measures need to be taken to curtail their use of political power and their misuse of our tax dollars.
Again, our Founders had the right idea when they warned of government’s propensity for growth; this point has seldom been emphasized as clearly as it has been during the current administration, which has added six hundred and fifty thousand Federal jobs during a period of fiscal collapse that has brought the Nation close to a depression. We need to start addressing our problems with some rational thought, and it is evident that political thinking does not fall into that category of thought.


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