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For Your Consideration: Ideological Dissonance

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Our country is going through a change the Founders were hoping to avoid; at this point it’s anyone’s guess as to the eventual outcome between the two philosophies being expressed.
Will we follow the course of previous nations, or will we once again aspire to attain the dream set forth by the Founders? 
The drafters of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were independent thinkers that wanted to construct a system that would allow for the development of the individual and limit the power of a centralized government.
We have developed legislation that protects us from con artists and charlatans, but it has failed to protect us from many of the officials that are governing us.
Over the centuries the Founders’ plan has been eroding away; originally most of the power resided with local communities, then it moved to the state, next to the Federal government, and finally to the Administrative Branch of government.
The Founders were concerned about the concentration of power in a centralized point; their intent was to let the power reside within an educated populace, or individuals.
The Nation has been moving towards a centralized government, which has been placing more emphasis on directing the masses; rather than allowing for greater individual freedom.
Freedom without any limitations can lead to anarchy; the total lack of freedom will lead to a dictatorship. The reason for the Founders’ concern for education was to hopefully instill a reasoned self-control within the individual.
Reason was the goal of education, but it has evolved into a system of brainwashing and propaganda.
The concept that was given to us by the Founders is diametrically opposed to the direction the Nation is taking, but without reason and self-control we are apt to fall into a state of anarchy.
Given the state of our educational system over the past generations, one should have some concerns about turning the nation around and the possibility of throwing the country into a state of turmoil. It has never really been the intent of our educational system to turn out rational citizens that are self-controlled and motivated.
The primary intent has been to produce citizens that can function to serve the political and economic system. Self-control, reason, and consideration have gone by the wayside, and our society seems to be encouraging this trend.
This trend is very apparent if any one paid any attention to the news these days; it makes little difference which system one chooses to look at for their information, they all show a bias.
One cannot even count on the information that is presented by the government because of the distortions in the information. Some of the distortions are the result of ignorance; others are a clear intention to mislead the recipient.     
Alchemists in the past searched for the “Philosopher's Stone”, which would turn a base metal into gold; it would appear that we have found a stone that takes gold and turns it into a base metal. If we continue on our current course we will have turned our economic system into a pile of trash.
Anarchy is just a stone’s throw away, and we appear to be ready to cast that stone. The actions of this administration have not been logical; the actions of previous administrations have also lacked this quality, but we have reached a point that this disregard for reason can no longer be tolerated.
We need to start questioning the information being presented and thinking it through rationally. These two ideologies are reflecting their contrasting views very strongly in the political arena at this time in our history.
It is not clear which one will win out; there is sufficient empirical evidence to indicate where one of these systems will take us, but the other never has had a real opportunity to realize its full potential because Man has always brought in centralized system of governance to destroy the society.  


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