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With all of the negative attention brought about our Island during election season I would like to bring up a bright spot that has happened to our Island over the past five months. Kure Beach and Carolina Beach have both stepped up to the “plate” to support the initiative of a few community members to start programs for, an often overlooked, group of citizens. Residents between the ages of 18-55 (58% of the active registered voters on Pleasure Island) are sometimes forgotten when talking about services and programs offered to the citizens of our community.
Through the initiative of Sarah Lookingbill, Dick Clark, and Jeff Harvey there have been three programs directed toward this age group. 75 men and women played softball in Kure Beach over the summer, 75 men and women are playing kickball under the lights at Mike Chappell Park on Tuesdays, and 75 men and women are playing softball on Monday and Wednesdays this fall/winter at Mike Chappell Park. That is around 225 people (with some redundancy) that have been given the opportunity to enjoy a semi-competitive activity. While these three citizens motivated residents to get out and play, the towns of Kure Beach and Carolina Beach stepped up and made sure that the fields and amenities needed, to make the activity enjoyable, were available.
A big thank you goes out to all those involved in helping to create an enjoyable and active alternative for the residents of Pleasure Island. Kure Beach: Sonny Beeker and the Parks & Rec Department for taking care of the fields and keeping them in good condition to play on; the SLAP committee for helping remedy the parking issue at the field; and Dean Lambeth for being the point person to make sure that we could use the fields. Carolina Beach: Jeff Harvey for spearheading the operation; Ted Lashley for working with Jeff to get the league started; Margaret Dowling, Lani Thompson and the Parks & Rec Department for getting the field ready and maintaining it; Landcapes Unlimited for doing the clay work and making the grass look good; Pleasure Island Baseball for the use of their storage building, softballs, score books, and lime; EWE for making all the lights work; and Kenneth Moore Signs for the truck to fix the lights.  
Hopefully this is the start of something big. So come out and watch some games this winter on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Games start at 630pm on Mondays and Wednesday, and 6pm on Tuesdays.
Brett Keeler
Player- KB/CB Softball and Kickball leagues


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