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ToLabor Doula Training at CBCA June 29th thru July 1st, 2012

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The following may give a clearer understanding of who we are and what we present in our workshops and trainings. 
•    We see ourselves as agents of change.  We seek to return the locus of control to the laboring woman, to create the space and support for her to have her own voice, to be included and central in her birthing process, not just an understanding, compliant "vessel" delivering a baby.
•    We want you to understand the underlying concepts of what/how/why/why nots of labor, the physiology of labor and birth.  What happens physically, mechanically, emotionally, psychologically, hormonally, and how the baby, the environment, the social setting and presence of others all affects and regulates physiologic labor and birth.  What supports and what hinders or prolongs physiologic, productive birth?
•    By understanding the concepts that influence and ultimately control a woman's labor and birth, you can better assess how to assist her in making adjustments that can facilitate a more progressive, productive labor. 
•    From this base of knowledge and understanding, you can apply your skills to assist your client through her birth.
•    You will probably learn more about being a woman, and living in a woman's body than you ever have before.
•    We provide 2 hands on assessments (everything is voluntary) for you to learn through your own hands what we spend hours talking about.
•    We know that in order for a doula to empower her client, she must be empowered herself.  By the end of the workshop we expect to send you out the door feeling powerful, inspired and transformed, just as we hope our clients do after their births.


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