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Beer Garden

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Dear Editor,
With regards to the proposed beer garden in the business district, we should be giving this a lot more thought.
In this time of economic uncertainty, coupled with the towns need for fiscal prudence, are we sure we need to put more stress on a Police department which must cut its budget by 15%?
Although I strongly support Joel, Dan, and Pat this proposal does not make the least bit of sense.  I have no problem with the consumption of alcoholic beverages and I have been known to partake of them myself, however, there is a direct correlation between consumption of alcoholic beverages and the need for increased police patrols. Are we not taking the chance of increasing overtime for the police and town employees, increased workman’s compensation claims, etc. etc.?
Now is not the time for this type of activity. We need to look at cutting expenses, not increasing them.
Adding additional responsibilities to the Police Department and other town employees in these difficult economic times is unjustifiable. The Town cannot afford it. All it will take is one lawsuit and this debacle will cost us a fortune.
John McIntosh
Carolina Beach, NC


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