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Points of Interest

• Circulation is between 8,000-10,000 depending on season.

• The Island Gazette has been distributed on Wednesday for the past 26 years. • We have over 2,500 Subscribers to the Island Gazette.

• The Island Gazette is a family owned and operated business since its birth in 1978. Three generations of McKee’s have added their touch to the publication while raising the next.

• The paper varies from 38-40 pages depending on season, news and/or events.

• The Island Gazette Covers: Local, regional and state news and/orevents. Local school (Carolina Beach Elementary, Murray Middle, Ashley High, UNCW, CFCC schools), sporting, real estate, health, church and senior news and/or events, and any other information that affects the residents in our area.

Special Interest and Business Stories

The Island Gazette offers several story opportunities for its advertisers. The first form is a column. If your business would like to inform or readers on info their particular company provides you can submit a weekly column. Columns are $50 per week for a story with 200 words or less. This also includes a one column photo and cutline. Columns must run for a minimum of four weeks and be must be typed and submitted by Friday at 4pm for Wednesday’s publication. The second story form is the “Area Business News Page.” This page (3B) includes a 300+ word story with at least two photos. The page usually contains 4-6 separate stories. Story subjects usually include: sales, ribbon cuttings, high health scores, new products, and other business oriented news.

These stories are no charge to contracted Island Gazette advertisers. We will do the interview and write the story along with taking photos. The third story is the “Spotlight on Business.” This page (2B) includes a 800+ word story with up to five photos. This page is dedicated solely to the interviewed business being featured that week. These stories are no charge to contracted Island Gazette advertisers. We will do the interview and write the story along with taking photos. Last but not least is the “Realtor of the Week.” This page (7B) includes an in depth interview including available listing or open houses the Realtor may have. Along with contact and personal info the Realtor may want to provide to potential investors or property owners.

All stories and photos are updated to the Island Gazette’s website!

Where Can You Find Your Copy of the Island Gazette?

Thousands have looked to the Island Gazette for over 27 years to keep informed on local news and events! The Island Gazette is available for .50¢ in one of its (18) racks. We also give FREE complimentary papers to advertisers and high traffic areas. Racks are conveniently located in the following locations:

(Downtown) Post office, New Hanover County Court House, Kingoffs Jewelers, Citgo on Red Cross Street, Corner of Second & Princess Street, Village Market.

(Wilmington) Oleander and Monkey Junctions Post offices, Masonboro Commons Food Lion, Wal-Mart at Monkey Junction and Scotchman across from Ashley High School.

(Carolina Beach) Post Office, Food Lion, Barrier Island Restaurant, all (3) Scotchman locations, Coldwell Banker SeaCoast Realty, Subway, Citgo, Microtel, Sea Merchants, Carolina Beach Fishing Pier, Surfside Motor Lodge, Black•Horn Bar & kitchen, Port City Java, Fat Pelican,
Majik Beanz, Kate’s Pancake House. (Kure Beach) Post Office, Kure Beach Fishing pier, and Citgo. (Fort Fisher) Fort Fisher Trading Post and Fort Fisher Air Base.

Complimentary issues are available for both employees and customers in the following locations: Motels Hotels: Microtel, Drifters Reef, Cabana, Marriott, Surfside, SeaWitch, Moran, Golden Sands,
Real Estate Co/ Vacation rentals: Bryant, Intracoastal, Network, Prudential, Century 21 Sweyer

(Carolina Beach and Monkey Junction locations), Gardner, Titan, Carolina Beach Realty, Realty World, Atlantic Coastal Properties, Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty, United Beach Vacations, Remax, Giggey Real Estate, Tettron Managament Group, Laney, Beach Girls Realty, Bullard Realty, ERA, Century 21 Castle, Blue Water Realty Island Realty, Bowman Realty, Ring Realty. Service Stations: All (3) Carolina Beach Scotchman locations, Carolina and Kure Beach Citgos, Scotchman across from Ashley High, Citgo on Red Cross Street

Why should you advertise in the Island Gazette?

Anyone in business who hopes to function competitively isconcerned with the efficiency of their investment dollar, usually judged by the dollar returns from wise investment funds.No one denies that effectiveadvertising is the key to successful business. You must reach peoplewith an interest in your product, andyou must display the product to the group most likely to want it.Pleasure Island is one ofNorth Carolina’s top SummerVacation spots with the North Carolina Aquarium and the FortFisher area as one of its majorattractions. This brings many business owners a welcomed increase in revenue.

The Island Gazette Newspaper circulates throughoutNew Hanover County giving itsadvertisers the window to appeal directly to its readers. In addition theIsland Gazette also offers manyincentives to their advertisers including discount breaks and FREEad design and weekly changes forcontracted advertisers, we also support our advertisers with storiesthat are both published and updatedto our website. The Island Gazette’sreadership is unsurpassed;thousands look to the Island Gazette
weekly to keep up to date on local news and events.

The Island Gazette’s eadership isunsurpassed; thousands look to the Island Gazette weekly to keepup to date on local newsand events.

Advertising Rates and Info

Insert Rates: Inserts are $80 per 1,000 inserts. Special insert rates are given to advertisers who have a regular ad in The Island Gazette.Column Inch Rate: Column Inch Rate is $8.00 per column inch for Black& White ads. Full-page ads start at $1008 and go down depending on your contract length. Half page ads start at $504, Quarter page ads start at$252, Eighth of a page ads start at $132 (1 column inch is a column wideby 1 inch in height.) Color open rate is $10.00 per column inch. All pricesare negotiable depending on how long the ad is to run. Contract discounts are given for 3, 6, or 12 month periods of time. Ad copy deadline is Fridayby 4pm.The Island Gazette is a broadsheet newspaper.

We are 6 Columns(11 1/2 inches) wide by 21 inches high. The amount of text that can be fitinto ads varies on font type and size

best pokies Column Inch Sizes:
1 Column = 1.778”
2 Columns = 3.722”
3 Columns = 5.667”
4 Columns = 7.611”
5 Columns = 9.556”
6 Columns = 11.5”

Click here to view ad sizes for our printed edition (Adobe Acrobat required to view this document)

Classified Rates

Classified Ads are $9.00 for the first 15 words. Each Additional word is .10¢. The same rate applies each week the ad runs.Block or display ads on the classified page are $8.00 per columninch. For pre-existing advertisers or contracted advertisers cost is $6.00 percolumn inch. Notice to Creditors or Notice of Sales are $20 per week.Classified deadline is Monday at 5pm. All Classifieds are uploaded tothe Island Gazette’s website every week FREE of charge.Classifieds can be viewed at

Service Directory Rates

The Island Gazette’s Service Directory Page provides local residentswith a quick reference from everything to Handyman Services to Realtors in our area. Service Directory ads start at $25.00 per week and must run aminimum of one month. Service Directory deadline is Friday at 4pm.

Subscription Rates

Subscriptions to the Island Gazette are $26.00 a year for inside NewHanover County and $32.00 for outside of New Hanover County.

Designer/Ad Change Fees:

Ads containing text only and a border have no fee. Ads containing graphics that need to be scanned are $20 to design. Ads that are designed by the Island Gazette’sGraphic Artist are flat rate of $50 per hour and a minimum of one hour. Ad changes thatare made after the ad proof has been signed on have a 25% penalty.Ad changes, graphic scans and simple set ads, are free to those who have at least a 6-month contract. All fees are negotiable and some do not apply to contract orestablished advertisers with the Island Gazette.All ad changes MUST be in by Friday at 4pm.

Strong Online Presence receives approximately 25,000 hits per month .People all over the US look to our website for information concerningPleasure Island. All content of the Island Gazette Newspaper is posted on our website.Area Sports attracts many grandparents and other family members tourwebsite to view the youngsters of Pleasure Island who are involved in local sports. People can view these sports photos and copy them from our site to keep for themselves.

The Island Gazette offers web links from our site to participating sites in three different sizes. The fee for a rotating banner across the top of the Island Gazette’s website $50 per week. The size of the top banner is 420x60 pixels. There are two different rotating banner sizes for the right side of the website.The first size is 142x118 pixels and cost $25 per week. The secondsize is 142x260 pixels and the cost is $40 per week. Rotating banners are banners that cycle through several different links but are located in the same area of every web page. Fixed banners are banners that do not cycle and showcase just one link. The costs for fixed banners is twice the cost of rotating banners. You can supply your own web graphic or we can design one to your specifications.

Special discounts are available to existing print advertisers.

How Do I Contact the Island Gazette?

The Island Gazette’s office is located in Carolina Beach at 1003Bennet Lane, Suite F in Island Business Center.

Directions: Coming on to Carolina Beach after the 3rd stoplight you will see Bennet Lane will be on your right side. Make a right andwe are located directly be hind the blue Coldwell Banker office in Island Business Center. We are in the center of the Plaza in Suite F.

Office Hours are Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 9:00am-5:00pm and Wednesday and Friday 9:00am-4:00pm.

Office: (910)458-8156 Fax: (910)458-0267
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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