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Can You Clear Up Some Questions

Last week, Councilman Wilcox wrote: "Over the last few weeks the stream of misinformation and half-truths about the Town's purchase consideration of 819 Canal Drive, and innuendo regarding perceived wrong doings by sitting Council members, has been unacceptable."
Well, Councilman, perhaps now is the time for you to clear up some of those questions "regarding perceived wrong doings by sitting Council members."
Please answer the following questions: Did you, for years at a time, during some of which you sat on the Carolina Beach Planning & Zoning Commission, violate the Town's zoning ordinances?
The Town's taxpayers paid $200,000 for 1710 Carolina Beach Avenue  North. The sellers of that lot, former clients or yours and the Mayor's, stated to the Bankruptcy Court, that the virtually unbuildable lot was only worth $42,000.  Why did you and the Mayor push the Town into buying this lot at five times its stated value?
Prior to your voting on the lot, did you receive money from the sellers?
After you and the Mayor voted for the lot purchase, did the Mayor receive any money from the sellers in the form of a gift or a loan? How is it that at the Council meeting, in which the lot purchase was discussed, you, the Mayor and the seller of the lot all came up with the same idea of using the lot as a place where the handicapped could view the ocean, and which could also be used by people with golf carts?
Was it a coincidence, or was it rehearsed?
Where is the platform for wheelchairs that you promised would be built? Where are the golf cart users?
Shortly after you were forced out of the Planning and Zoning Commission, after you applied for reappointment and were denied, half page, anonymous attack ads, attacking those who voted you out, appeared in the Island Gazette. The ads came from a group that called itself, "The Citizens for Carolina Beach".  Did you know these "citizens"?
Were some of these "citizens" property flippers, mortgage fraudsters or bankrupt credit card kiters?
Did some of these loyal citizens of CB move out of town?
Why do you think the attack ads stopped just before you ran for election to the Council?
What was or is your connection to the owners of the lot at 819 Canal? What was or is the Mayor's connection to the owners of the lot at 819 Canal?
You once stated that people describe you as a "predatory builder".  What is a predatory builder? Dan, I have many, many more questions to ask you, almost all of them to do with decisions you made in regards to spending the taxpayers' money. I appreciate that you have finally opened the door to this kind of dialogue.  So I'll leave you with just one more question at this time, and will await your answers next week. Do you plan on running for Mayor?
Please note, Dan, that all I'm doing is asking questions so that you can straighten out just SOME of those innuendos of "perceived wrong doings".
Rich Lehrer,
Wilmington, NC


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