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Brain Dead Wildlife Officials

On November 1, you closed the Wildlife Ramp at Snow's Cut until further notice. This ramp is completely filled on Saturday's and Sunday's in the 81 spaces for truck and trailer parking. You have another 20 trucks with trailers parking on the grass on both sides of Spencer Farlow Drive. Boats, trailers and vehicles are expensive plus our salt-water fishing permits. This year the fall fishing will begin in November because the ocean temperature is too high due to a hot summer. Why couldn't you have used common sense and closed the ramp in January thru February or March 2011, when there is little use of the ramp? We help pay your salary through taxes on salt-water fishing permits. In Brunswick County near Oak Island Airport the entire parking lot of the ramp is paved for boaters. What are we in New Hanover County? Second class citizens? We boat owners would be willing to pay to use the ramp like they do at Carolina Beach State Park.
Charles Eaves,
Carolina Beach, NC


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