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Incompetence In Resolving Problems With Road Diet

Dear Editor/ Respective Mayor and Council:
I attended the Town Council Meeting last night and watched 97% of the public comments, requesting the town to change the road diet back to a 4-lane road.
I was amazed that the COUNCIL recognizes this is a problem and they promised to fix the problem before summer.
The public requested a up or down vote on this issue and was denied, as if this issue is not resolved, it will become an election issue in 11 months.
I ask the Council to consider the fact that the engineering studies stated the road diet would work, yet everyone agrees it does not work and it will not work in the future. To seek more engineering studies would be a waste of time and money.  It will not resolve the problem.
I do understand, that many don’t want convert back to 4-lanes, because Town Manager states to repaint the road at a cost of $500,000.  He states that existing strips will have to be ground out.  I challenge the town manager to provide a NC law that states these stripes have to be ground up.  Although, This cost is excessive, why worry about money, after all Mr. Macon and Mr. Wilcox want to spend $600,000 for lot on Canal Drive that is appraised at $385,000.
It should be noted that the summer season will start in March 2011, this gives Town Council 4 months to resolve and implement.
LeRoy Franks
Carolina Beach, NC


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