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Resolve Problems With Road Diet

Mayor, Council, Others.
After watching last nights Nov. 9, 2010 Council meeting on T.V. it became apparent that all 5 on Council are making decisions with out any study of the issue at hand and now don't have a clue as to what to do about our ludicrist road diet that they have created. A meeting is now in the making to explore options to get out of the mess this Council created by not studying and understanding what they were supposed to be reading concerning the figures that they had on traffic counts before they took action.
Thus we may have a possible $500,000.00 fix on our hands to undo this mess made and implimented by this Council.
Mr. Leroy Franks, a long time resident, spoke at this public meeting/hearing and read reasons from data retrived from Town Hall that was available to the public and ALL COUNCIL MEMBERS on this Road Diet that shows it does not and will not work and I still believe this bunch on Council does not understand the problem or don't want to admit that it is a problem that ain't going away by itself.
This Council used old data on our traffic counts and failed to add 1 1/2 % per year to these counts for progress or they would have seen that at the time they implimented this mess the traffic count was already above what a pattern of this type could handle. "STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES"
Due to this stupidity we have traffic counts that call for 4 or more lanes and we only have  2 plus a turn lane and 2 bike paths behind parked cars that will get someone seriously injured or killed before this mess is fixed. Councilman Wilcox spoke of wanting to use your money to fly in two so called experts that wrote an article on road diets in 1999 to help us/him with the problem he helped create and now thinks tweeking and not undoing this mess is the answer.
"Hello" once again a road diet is designed to slow traffic down not speed it up thus the mess we are in. The traffic counts show we need to keep moving traffic along faster, the ROAD DIET IS DOING JUST THE OPPOSITE. All of Lake Park Blvd. is our main road into, out of and through Town and  always has been and always will be due to the way out Town was designed many,many years ago.
Business has grown up around this area, traffic has increased from the bridge to the Lake and will continue to escalate. Putting a Road Diet on any part of this road in the first place was Stupidity put in action.
All the meetings in the world won't do any good until we elect people to Council who are capable of looking  at an issue and understand what a mess they can create if proper action is not taken on things concerning our Town and its growth.
Bottom line, the Council needs to spend the money and put this mess back to the way IT WAS (4 LANES) BECAUSE THAT IS ALL WE CAN EVER HAVE DUE TO NO MORE LAND AVAILABLE TO DO ANYTHING ELSE.
And quit trying to tweek, massage, stall on taking action to undo a mess that has proven and been attested to by experts that it don't work and was not supposed to work at its implimentation.
We don't need any more folks holding meetings and wasting more and more time and money trying to give Council answers on how to make a mess work that was not designed properly  in the first place.
At this point it don't look like we have Council members with anything other than very little vision occuping seats in our Council Chambers or you would be seeing action to correct instead of more and more meetings that do nothing to correct the problem. What is now needed is people (at least 3 members of Council a majority) that will admit that they made a mistake and have sense enough to correct it now.
And at the same time do away with any and all Streetscape Plans that are estimated to cost 10 to 20 million dollars for this same area that anyone with good sense knows our taxpayers cannot afford. The concept of a Road Diet implimented as a first step to a StreetScape plan for an area (Lake Park Blvd) that is a thoroughfare for our Town was ludrisict to start with.
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC


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