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Dear Editor and Town Council: I like many residents, have not realized the devious planning and efforts of Mr. Macon and Mr. Wilcox to secure $4.5 Million Doolars to bid on the defunct Arcadius project.  They created a shell corporation to buy this property to avoid the requirements of NC STATE LAW, which governs the purchase of city property.
It is documented that the cost of this property  is $4.5 Million dollars, yet Macon and Wilcox  have stated that the Taxpayer will not have to pay because they have applied for grants, but do not address how much in grant funds have been applied for?
In the 11/26/2010, The Morning Star stated that the fund to build the pier project will dry up in the state budget, and these funds will be required for actual operation. It also states that it did not receive a grant of $391,000 from National Heritage Trust Fund.  They also state that a grant for $800,000 might be received from Coastal Area Management for purchase of said property. WITH THIS ECONOMY?
Even if Carolina Beach did receive these grants, we still would not have the amount required to pay for Macon’s and  Wilcox boondoggle plan to get property. Why can't our elected official tell us the truth behind all of these backroom property deals. LeRoy Franks
Carolina Beach, NC


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