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Sophomoric Banter, Spending & Rounabouts

Dear Editor,
So as I am reading the childish bickering back and forth between our councilmen, I am wondering what we were thinking when we elected these people? Sophomoric banter....please people grow up. Stop spending money we don't have. You can't even keep a light on the AMERICAN Flag at the lake and you want to spend all this money on ocean front parks with gazebos and roundabouts to fix a traffic pattern that Councilman Wilcox said worked just "fine" last year? Yet our town employees have gone without raises and Cape Fear Blvd. is pothole city. Which by the way, painting a few fresh stripes does not REPAIR the street!
You "boys" need to get your priorities straight! I voted for everyone sitting on our council and, I promise you this, I will work hard to make sure some of you don't return!
Here is a question I would like to pose to your "traffic experts".  If either the roundabouts or free flow traffic are implemented how will that effect our "pedestrian friendly" atmosphere when they can't cross the street in contantly moving traffic on a busy summer weekend?
Deb LeCompte,
Carolina Beach, NC


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