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Praise The Employees; Pay The Employees

Dear Editor,
At the conclusion of the Dec.14 Town Council meeting I heard the Mayor and all 4 Council people heaping praise on our Town employees for the fine job that they had done in 2010. I HEARD A SIMILAR SPILL IN 2009.  Comments of praise are great and go a long way toward motivating people to do a better job and have a good attitude about ther work days. With this years budget workshops coming up it is time for this Council to show our employees that what they are saying about good jobs being done is not just talk but show their and our thanks in a monetary way such as bonuses or employee raises for our employees that the Council has not done in the past 2 years. This Council has chosen to waste dollar after dollar on low to no priority items yearly and other wasteful things while ignoring our employees NEEDS AND POCKETBOOKS in a bad economy and spent money that could have gone for raises or bonuses as I am sure that Town Employees are damn well aware of. 
Now this Council needs to do their jobby putting a few more dollars in the pockets of folks that they speak so highly of and have ignored monetarily for two years and quit using the excuse that money is and has been tight. Money has not been tight for the things that this big spending Council decides they wan't and we as taxpayers do not need such as the overvalued Kirkbride property just to name just one.
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC


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