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Tax Revaluation

Dear NHC Taxpayer,
I have received and read a number of letters and e-mails from property owners in the beach communities raising legitimate concerns about New Hanover County's plans for reevaluation, originally scheduled for last year - and postponed to 2011 by the County Board last year. It has been my understanding that the Board committed to a one-year postponement, only, during its deliberations in 2010. Further, it is my understanding that there is consensus agreement in principle among the current County Commissioners that the Board is obligated to proceed with reevaulation in 2011, by that commitment to postpone for only one year, and in the name of fairness and "doing the right thing" for property owners who are suffering from the delayed reevaluation - that a reevaluation will take place in 2011. As a new Board member, let me be clear and unequivocal in stating that you have my support for reevaluation in 2011. I cannot speak for others, but I agree that reevaluation is needed, justified, and no further delays are acceptable - you can count on my support for reevaluation and if you have any additional questions or comments please contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Furthermore, while it is my understanding that the present County Board is in agreement on proceeding with reevaluation in 2011, and that there remains negative sentiments from the decision to postpone by the previous Board last year, if my understanding is incorrect or incomplete or you have heard contrary viewpoints suggesting further delay, please let me know as soon as possible and share any information you have on this issue that would help educate me and keep me in the loop so that I can be of assistance in moving forward with reevaluation this year!
I welcome all comments and information.  Property owners are in need of tax relief and I am committed to making the sometimes difficult decisions to provide that relief in these difficult economic times.
Best Regards, Brian M. Berger, County Commissioner


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