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No Tax Dollars For WAVE

It looks to me and others like the Kure Beach Town Council had their heads on straight when they took the stand to not subsidize a Wilmington’s WAVE TRANSIT in their play to extend their bus service from Monkey Junction to their Town.
Hopefully Kure Beach Town Council with their lead on this issue will put a thinking cap on elected officials at Carolina Beach to take the same action and keep Wave Transit out of our pocketbooks through our tax dollars. We do not need any more businesses praying on tax money. If a business cannot make a profit with out being subsidized by a Town's tax dollars then they need to cease to exist. Bus service between close Towns over all appears to be a thing of the past. We do not need to spend tax money to try to reinvent the wheel.
When I was a kid growing up in Carolina Beach some 65+ years ago our island had bus service from Wilmington to Fort Fisher provided by Trailways Bus Lines with no subsidy what so ever from Towns on our island. The only money Trailways received was from ticket paying customers who chose to ride their bus and they made a profit and are still in business today with the exception they were forced to drop not profitable destinations. 65+ years ago there were very few folks (less than 100 families) residing from Snows Cut Bridge to Ft. Fisher, times were hard, high priced jobs were nonexistent in this area yet some how businesses managed to make a profit from the paying public or they ceased to exist. Not so now it seems we are experiencing more and more businesses with non-sensible political help trying to invading our tax dollars and very few sensible thinking politicians using at least half good sense to say no way and keep them out. It will be interesting to see if our local elected officials will use good sense to look after our local hard earned tax dollars and not Wave Transits profits on a not needed bus service from Monkey Junction to our island. Their is not enoughdemand for this service thus the attempted invasion of tax dollars to subsidize Wave Transits profits.
D.A. Lewis
Carolina Beach, NC


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