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Bike Week Certainly Not An Event To Promote For Carolina Beach

I am writing in regards to a recent article in the Island Gazette entitled “Carolina Beach Council Hears Request to Support “Bike Week”.  After reading this article, I have to voice my opinion to the Council.  While most “bikers” and “bike clubs” that Mr. Swinson referred to in his request are wonderful, giving, caring, and law abiding citizens, but along with the “Bike Week” comes the “one percenters” and the “wanna be’s” bikers with the rowdy, bad-boy attitude that cause the problems.  While promoting the support of Bike Week would “draw” a certain type of tourist, it would also “deter” a certain type of tourist that Carolina Beach has been trying to attract to its beaches for years.  Please ask yourselves this question:  hasn’t Carolina Beach just spent the last 25 years and plenty of tax payers’ dollars trying to clean up and undo its reputation as the red-headed step-child of Kure and Wrightsville Beach to become a clean, family oriented beach destination? Mr. Swinson stated in his request that several “merchants” would like to extend a welcome to a small portion of the bikers. 
Promoting “Bike Week” would surely boost the economy for certain merchant’s, but also be aware of the fact that many businesses in Myrtle Beach have closed during Bike Week because they don’t want to have to deal with the chaos and unruliness associated with Bike Week.  This is certainly not an event that should be promoted at Carolina Beach after so much has been done to try to clean up and create a welcoming family environment.  The negative aspects far outweigh the need for increased revenue just for “certain merchants”.  The increase in traffic, increase of police patrol, parking issues, increase in crime and clean up costs associated with such an event should also be factored in.  Please do not revert back to what has taken 25 years to change and please keep in mind there is a reason that Bike Week was banned in Myrtle Beach. Thank you for your consideration!
Sincerely, Mary Faulkner
Carolina Beach, NC


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