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Traffic Light Timing On Lake Park Blvd.

Mayor, Council, Town Manager, Residents of Carolina Beach,
Who is the IDIOT or IDIOTS that thought up and implimented the IDIOC/STUPID timing schedule for the Traffic light at Lake Park and Cape Fear Blvd.
On Sunday morning 3/27 @ 9:55 A.M. I SAT AND SAT AND SAT AND SAT AND SAT AND SAT at least 4 minutes at a Red Stop Light waiting for this light to turn green (it was red when I was 2 block away from it on my approach). I wanted to turn left onto our now famous Lake Park Blvd.  with its Idioc Road Diet implimented by our unthinking Council.
In the Powers in charge effort to keep to keep traffic flowing North to South they have virtually stopped traffic from turning left or proceeding straight toward the boardwalk at this light IN ANY TIMELY FORM OR FASHION.
In other words they have made a nightmare for the Residents and others who approach this light to be able to move in a timely manner. Myself and others sat at this light waiting for it to change to green for so long a period of time that I began to wonder if it was broken and came within a hair of running this light.
What is the matter with this Council that they cannot get 3 people to agree to go back to 4 lanes on Lake Park Blvd. now as a means of moving traffic, stop the stalling and put the lights back to a sequence that makes sense for Residents and others. I have heard members of this Council state many,many times that they are Pro-Business and 4 of the 5 members of this Council own businesses in Carolina Beach.
Where did PRO-RESIDENT dissapear to in this Councils thinking? This Council does not appear to give a tinkers damn about anything except businesses interest being able to make money in their stupid decision making.
We have the Drunken Beer Fest, the Drunken Wing Fling that Wilmington banned, the Wine drinking deal at the Lake, the nightmare at Freeman Park a proposed Motorcycle week that was banned by Myrtle Beach that was voted down and numerous other activities endorsed and allowed to go in effect that is designed to get more people to our over burdened Town that is causing traffic impacts and messes for our Residents.
When is this Council going to have consideration of the impact that their stupid decision making is having on the Permanent Residents of this Town? Hopefully this upcoming election in November will PURGE this Council of all members that seek reelection and we can/will elect folks that are Pro-Resident again instead of Pro-Business and this Town can revert back to having sensible decision making again that puts our Residents who pay the bills first instead of on the back burner.
I don't believe there is a Chinamans chance that anyone sitting on this present Council has a prayer of being elected ever again with the poor job in decision making and extravagent spending that has gone on in this administration from its beginning.
Lets vote to get this crowd out of office and some folks in that will at least use half good sense in making decisions that effect us all.
D.A. Lewis
Carolina Beach, NC


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