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Stopped For Plate Frame; Police Use Drug Dogs To Search Vehicle

I am writing this as a warning to anyone with a trim around your license plate. I was driving home (to Kure Beach) Friday around 5:00 PM, The Carolina Police truck behind me, turns the flashers on. I pull over to let them pass, but they were pulling me over! The officer from Kure Beach asked me if I knew about the new law about this trim. I didn't. This is where it gets interesting; he sees I'm in my postal uniform, and asks if I work for the post office. I said I did. He said I looked familiar, Still he took my licence and registration. Now it gets real interesting (and frustrating). He's going to search my car!!! So I'm asked to get out of my car and stand with this other officer. When to my amazement they bring out a dog!
Remember, I'm being stopped for having a trim around my license plate, in postal uniform (lunchbox on seat), looking familiar, and I'm standing on the side of S.Lake Park Blvd. next to a police officer, with my car being searched by a drug sniffing dog, for all who drive by to see. Here's where it gets me mad. I'm a fairly well know person on this island being a postman and a pastor of a church here, and the police are searching my car with a (once again) drug sniffing dog, My car is small and they just let this big dog jump in ande hop around, getting dog hair in it and scratching my console! I was just coming home to have a cup of coffee, and eat dinner, following the speed limit, all paperwork legal. The officer from Kure Beach ( I was stopped in Carolina Beach) said he was just doing his job. I have had this trim around my license plate for many years now, and have never been stopped for it.
I recently had my car inspected, and it passed with no problems. The officer said with the trim he couldn't tell what state my plate was from. If I could insert a picture. You'd have no problem seeing North Carolina on it. This may be a new law, but what was wrong with a verbal warning, and told to remove it?
As I stated in the beginning this is a warning, if they'll do this to me, what will stop them from doing it to you?! Please remove your trim from the license plate today.
Rev. Charles Hill
Kure Beach, N.C.


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