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Dear Editor,
No, it’s not misspelled.  The first 5 letters signify a person, group, or government agency that’s ignorant. 
The last four letters are synonymous with some of their shared nicknames.  The 2011 Road Diet, per some town leaders and the NCDOT is 2010 Déjà voodoo so my pre-season lacerating honesty is timely and repetitive.
The town power elite don't, in spite of persistent community warnings, want to admit fault in cutting 4 lanes to 2 lanes. 
They profess noble intentions while trying to dictate, ala Washington, DC, behavior changes.  As we enter “our season”, there is less to fear from competition than from inside inefficiency, error, and transferring blame to whomever does an “Outside Study”.  Our local resident 1-year study says its nuts.
Town Hall, read the 2010 Island Gazette; read the Internet comments; read the Star News; read the recent survey results on the Road Diet.  What more do you need to get the message? 
The Lake Park Blvd. businesses have enormous capacity for resilience but do you really want to test their limits? 
They could mount a concentrated effort for every business to have a petition in house for customers to sign, directed toward, not only local elections where Joel is passing his evolutionary stasis baton to Dan, his recent tourism appointee, but also they could petition for State Legislators to denounce the current behaviors and hierarchy of the DOT?  Stop DOT from dragging this issue on ad infinitum.
The signs/lights are not going to fix it unless lower sales taxes collected are called a “fix”. 
Diverting traffic past Ocean Blvd's 38 homes; Spartanburg’s 64 homes, 1 business and several condo’s; Atlantic Avenue’s 79 homes, one elementary school; and Joel’s business; Cape Fear Avenue's four businesses, one library (quiet please), the Senior Center (safety?) and 60 houses. 
Harper is a nice wide and quiet street lined with houses and several businesses but is that what we want to do with our neighborhoods? 
Maybe the Real Estate people will sell more houses on these streets or maybe
not because of the noise.  Ruin Lake Park first and now the neighborhoods?
The lyrics, “Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”, of the famous musical “Mary Poppins” is expressed in the town officials fix-it masking by selling the 2011-12 hope of improving the Carl Winner intersection in spite of the new Jet Ski program on the North End creating
more Canal/Carolina Beach North traffic to bleed onto Lake Park.  Combine that with the 15-second, 25-second, 100-second, or the 240-second light timing solution unless a pedestrian pushes a button! 
The only real solution is back to 4 lanes and stop wasting money on $9,000 signs, traffic studies, brochure printing and Lucite holders. Don't use a very dedicated, honorable, people centered professional police force
to direct intersection traffic when they've trained to manage crime, criminals and our safety.
Understanding all of that, consider the women we miss by the detours instead of re-establishing four lanes. 
Women shop more than men.  Without women our economy would be much, much, worse. 
Women are impulse and strategic shoppers while men are 100% targeted shoppers.  Behind the populations of China and India, women are considered “The Third Billion” emerging economy.  Women hold sway over 51% of US wealth but make 85% of the buying decisions. 
Invite a guy, you make a sale; Invite a women, you have a customer.
As families wait in the Purgatory of our traffic, two painful lanes or the less stressful 4 lanes, women without detours would say, “Honey, pull over, relax, I'll be out of that store in 5 minutes.”
The new brochure the town printed shows Wilmington directional signage headed by the words “Come Play at Carolina Beach” but implies by its absence, “Shop in Wilmington”.
Get involved or risk losing money to increased property/income taxes to make up for decreased retail sales tax collections. The choice is yours to get involved or be complacent.
Joen Coen,
Kure Beach resident, Carolina Beach Business Owner.


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