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East Carolina University Student Allison Taylor

By: Elise Heglar
Staff Writer

East Carolina University student Allison Taylor just finished up her first year of college.  A Wilmington native for as long as she can remember, Allison said that while she loved her first year of college, she is glad to be home for the summer.  “Being home at the beach is definitely good. I have been going out on the beach a lot,” Allison said.
There were a lot of things about East Carolina that Allison enjoyed, namely the freedom of being on her own for the first time.  She said that she liked how college courses tend to be less structured than high school and that the freedom of being on her own was exciting.  “You have more free will to do what you want in college.  It’s exciting; it was different from high school in a good way.  It was a better experience than I thought it was going to be,” Allison said.
Allison was initially a little nervous about going away to school; she was nervous about trying something new and leaving all of her family and friends in Wilmington.  “I was nervous about being away from my parents and home.  I had some friends there but nobody I was close with or could really cling to, so I had to make a lot of new friends.  I like it a lot,” Allison said.  Allison said that meeting new people in college was easier than expected.  She ended up making lots of new friends at East Carolina.
Allison has decided to major in Child Life at ECU.  She chose the major after searching through all of the programs offered at ECU; she said that this particular major stuck out to her because she loves to work with children.  She hopes to work with children in hospitals and doctors offices who need to better understand illnesses and procedures.  “I love working with kids and it was something that seemed like it would be really rewarding,” Allison said. College classes are something that Allison enjoyed a lot about her first year.  She said that she had excellent teachers who made going to class enjoyable and interesting.  “I liked my teachers a lot.  All of them were really nice and helpful, so I enjoyed going to class.  Except the early ones of course,” Allison said. Allison really enjoyed her first year of college but she says that she is happy to be home for the summer.  “It was easy to come back.  I was ready to come back and be in my own room; the only hard thing was moving all of my stuff back in,” Allison said. 
Allison is happy to be home and is enjoying her summer vacation by spending as much time as possible on the beach.  We at the Gazette wish her luck with her upcoming sophomore year at ECU.


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