Island Gazette

Samantha Gaskill: Going Above & Beyond

By: Elise Heglar
Staff Writer

From the outside, Senior Samantha Gaskill appears to be an everyday senior; who is patiently counting down the days until Graduation. However, Samantha is a girl of many talents who spends all over her time broadening her horizons and making sure she is making the very most of every second of her last year in high school. While busy being a member and section leader of the Honors Ensemble, she was the lead role in last year’s spring musical “Hairspray” and a participant of the Tri-M honors society, Sam also makes time to be a Youth Praise Team Leader at Pine Valley Baptist Church and even taught Vacation Bible School. “Being a part of Ensemble has been an interesting experience. The class has given me the opportunity to receive exactly what I've worked for. Granted it takes on a family feel when we don’t all agree, it is still a very rewarding group to participate in.” For fun Samantha takes part in Back Country Militia Re-enactments, “Re-enacting is kind of an "out there" hobby but I thoroughly enjoy it. It is really interesting to be able to not only read about history, but to relive it as well; this angle of learning puts the past in a totally new perception.”  Last summer Sam was one of two Ashley students to be accepted into Governor School East, and spent six weeks on Meredith University’s campus. At Governors school she spearheaded and successfully organized a charity event. “Gov School was one of the most eye opening experiences I have ever had, bar none. It was the first time I've been given the chance to speak and to talk about my own ideas and get new ones. I really was able to become my own person while away this summer.” Samantha is able to juggle extracurricular activities and as well as hold  jobs such as childcare provider but also finds time to help out in soup kitchens and minister to the elderly, hospice, shut-ins and hospital patients. She even is an active participant in Varsity sports, she was a part of the swim team and the track team at Ashley High. Samantha is a girl who isn’t afraid to push her boundaries and always goes above and beyond in everything she does!


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